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Optional Activities At No Extra Cost
Do more than you expected without spending an extra cent

The cost of your trip is the cost of your trip.
There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. If you read about an activity in a detailed daily itinerary from Classic Journeys, you won’t pay anything extra to enjoy it when you’re on your vacation. It sounds obvious, but who among us hasn’t been in that situation where we discover when it’s too late that a much-anticipated activity has a sneaky fee attached to it? And so, instead of being left out of that zip line expedition or cooking class, you get out your credit card – and rack up extra costs. That just won’t happen on a Classic Journey.

All gear and the services of specialized guides are included.
Let’s say you’ve chosen a trip that includes an afternoon of whitewater rafting. Classic Journeys will see to it that you have all the necessary equipment: rafts, of course, life vests, helmets and other gear it takes to have fun and be safe. Where possible, we’ll even ask you for sizes in advance so that you can be sure to have exactly what you need. We also engage trained and licensed rafting guides who know the waters and how to make sure you can confidently focus on the excitement even if it’s your first raft ride. The same principle applies to every activity we offer in every destination.

Just a few of the activities you can enjoy at no extra cost.
-  Tectonic snorkeling, glacier walking and ice caving in Iceland
-  Sea kayaking and mountain biking in the Galápagos
-   Cooking instructions in Brittany, India, Provence, Vietnam and lots of other destinations
-   Dog sledding, llama trekking and glacier walking in Switzerland
-   Camel riding and luxury Saharan camping in Morocco
-   Dune surfing, river tubing and mule riding in Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon
-   And the list goes on and on!

And you’ll always have options…
Not a natural-born zip-liner? We get it! On days with particularly lively activities, your local guide will still make sure you have a memorable time. Maybe you’d rather spend a day by the pool. Or take an afternoon off for shopping, an extra round of tea and scones, or a nearby museum that’s not on the itinerary. Every step of the way, you get the benefits of our experience, planning and local contacts—and the freedom to take advantage of them as much as you like.