Walking Tours in Canada

A lighthouse in Nova Scotia
A lake in front of the Canadian Rockies
A whale tale out of the ocean.
A bear walking.
A hotel and city skyline in Quebec.
A boy holding a lobster in Nova Scotia
A boat docked in Canada.

Canada Tours

Snow-capped Rockies more beautiful than any Alp or Apennine. The ésprit of France in Québec. Seaside villages as quaint as the best of Cornwall or Brittany. The provinces to our north aren’t just Canada Nice. They’re Canada Awesome…all the more because these destinations are right here on the continent you call home. From the Bay of Fundy to shining Puget Sound, Canada offers a remarkable variety of scenery, culture and multisport fun. Our guides are all locals who can lead you to the friendliest lobstermen, the best path to a wildflower meadow, Québec’s finest restaurants, and the richest hunting grounds of orcas. If you don’t have a ton of time or just want to squeeze in an extra vacation, so much the better! You can pull off any of these Canada vacations in six fun-filled days.