Roam Freely (as in $0)
Organize a Classic Journey for 10 or more travelers, and your tour is on us!

In many families and circles of friends, there’s one person who’s better than everybody else at pulling together group activities like travel. If that person happens to be you, you’re really in luck this time.

If you organize a trip of 10 or more travelers (including yourself), your trip cost is on the house. You could save $5,000 or more depending on your itinerary and departure date. As the ringleader, you can keep the savings all to yourself or allocate them across all travelers to reduce everyone’s cost. It’s totally up to you. 

It's easy to get started.  

  1. Call us at 800.200.3887 to discuss your trip ideas and the size of your group or click here to share your wish list with us online. 
  2. We’ll ask you to share the names of the guests in your group so we recognize them when they contact us. 
  3. When everybody in your party of 10 or more has made their final trip payments, we’ll issue your credit for the cost of your trip.

Oh, those details...
Discounts cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be applied retroactively. Discounts do not apply to river cruising tours. Discounts are applicable only on regularly scheduled departure dates that are listed on the Classic Journeys website or in our catalog and are not applicable on year-end tours. In the case of the ‘Roam Freely’ promotion, when you organize 10 or more travelers to join the same departure of a Classic Journeys trip, your land tour (equal to the base tour cost and not including any supplements) is on us.

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