Double Your Travel Pleasure!
Save $750 when you combine two tours in one trip.

If you love to travel, two vacations are always better than one especially if you can combine them in a single trip. With these destination pairings, the stars align perfectly for you. We have scheduled departures that make it convenient to do the trips back-to-back.

Just as you’re starting to get that sad vacation-is-almost-over feeling, it’s time to start a new one in a nearby region that offers you fascinating contrasts and endless variety of rich cultural experiences. Best of all, you'll save $750 per person on the combined cost of the two trips.

Oh, those details...
Discounts cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be applied retroactively. Discounts do not apply to river cruising tours. Discounts are applicable only on regularly scheduled departure dates that are listed on the Classic Journeys website or in our catalog.
Amalfi Coast and Sicily, Italy


Now, this is the way to do Italy! Capri and the romantic Amalfi Coast are just a fun overnight ferry ride from Sicily. We'll arrange the linkage...and you get twice as long to bask in the sunny life of southern Italy.

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Think of this pair as your Bucket List Extravaganza. As long as you're in South America, it only makes sense to take in Andean life and Machu Picchu as well as the incomparable wildlife on an island-based exploration of the Galápagos.

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Stonehenge and Lands End, CORNWALL + COTSWOLDS


So close...and so very different. Coastal Cornwall is rugged cliffs, quiet coves and King Arthur. In the Cotswolds, you're immersed in classic English villages, rolling meadows and Stonehenge on a private visit with time in London, too.

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Dalmatian Coast and Istria, Croatia


Treat yourself to the complete Croatian experience. End to end, this Adriatic paradise is gorgeous from the vineyards and olive groves of Istria to noble Dubrovnik, impossibly picturesque villages and amazing country walks.

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Iberia is all about contrasts. Portugal is lush with vineyards terracing the Douro River and the coastal cities of Porto and Lisbon. In Spain's south, the epic landscapes and Moorish treasures like the Alhambra take you back in time.

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Tuscany and Sardinia, Italy


Two Mediterranean islands. Two famed Italian regions. All in two spectacular weeks. Follow footpaths past silvery green olive groves and cypress trees, explore pastel seaside villages, meet shepherds and enjoy the hospitality of a count and countess.

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Spain and Morocco Combination Tour


Go to southern Spain first and explore the Alhambra and walk to white-washed villages. Or, opt for Barcelona & the Costa Brava before Morocco and skip the lines at La Sagrada Familia. In Morocco, sleep under the stars in your luxury tented encampment, dine in a former palace, and ride camels in the desert.

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Portugal and Morocco Combination Tour


In Portugal, explore the gardens of Pena Palace, overnight in a 15th-century convent-turned-luxury-hotel, and taste port in a Douro Valley vineyard. In Morocco, sleep in your luxury tented encampment, dine in a former palace in Marrakesh, and ride camels in the desert.

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