A Letter to Our Guests Regarding Coronavirus

Our Approach to Luxury Adventure Travel

"I was having pappardelle with my friend in her Tuscan farmhouse…" 
Oh, the stories you'll bring home from your luxury adventure travels with Classic Journeys. Tell your friends the one about the Moroccan village elder who invited you in for mint tea. Wave your arms to describe how a Costa Rican forest explodes into a cloud of scarlet macaws. Drop a casual little mention of the Italian fisherman who gave you a lift back to Portofino in his boat. Please…you're not bragging. You're reliving the journey of a lifetime.

At Classic Journeys, we travel with sophisticated gusto. 
We’re curious and a little impulsive. (Doesn’t that sound like you?) We approach a region with total enthusiasm for its people and culture. We take easy-going walks through their villages and fields and countryside. We relish the local cuisine and stay in the region’s finest inns. We meet and mingle…in their markets, vineyards, piazzas and homes.

Often, our guests are more accustomed to traveling on their own. 
We’re flattered that so many have come back to Classic Journeys for a second, third or even a fourth trip. They tell us it’s because our small groups with local guides accomplish what they always sought in their own private travels: spontaneity, flexibility and a sense of personal discovery—minus the logistical hassles. They come back to experience trips that explore the natural world or tantalize the senses, like our walking tours in Ireland and Scotland, our French and Italian Riviera tours, our cooking tours in Italy. They come back to experience our unique combination of family travel and overseas adventure travel.