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Affinity & Alumni Travel Programs

Our deep experience in regions all over the world makes Classic Journeys the perfect starting point for organizations that offer special-interest tours. Our team can customize any of our existing itineraries to your needs. Or we’ll create a unique travel experience from scratch—complete with the services of local guides and specialized experts, exceptional lodgings and memorable cultural experiences. Our small-group approach to travel is ideal for such groups because we can provide a very tailored experience, and the economics of the tours work quite well for 10, 20, 30 or more travelers. (Our affinity and alumni tours can be structured to accommodate any number of guests you anticipate.) Here are a few of the tours we’ve successfully operated for some very demanding travelers!

· Grad-Level Professionals Complete Their Degrees
· Graduate School Alumni Explore Ancient Rome’s Architecture
· The Art History of Rome
· Museum-goers Get More Nova Scotia Museums
· An Extended Irish Visit

Tweak as much as you want
If you'd like to make changes to our itinerary, just give us your wish list. Whether you customize or not, you get great cultural experiences, the services of a local guide, and the fine accommodations and food you expect from Classic Journeys. Plus, you also have the luxury of traveling on your own terms without worrying about logistics or shepherding your group.

It's affordable for groups of any size
We arrange Private Journeys for groups of all sizes…from one person and up. In the current travel market, we can offer you costs that compare very favorably with our published rates. Of course, final pricing is contingent on if or how custom you ask us to make the tour.

Ideas you can use from past guests:

Grad-Level Professionals Complete Their Degrees
A major East Coast university ends a two-year graduate-level agri-business program with a professional travel experience. Classic Journeys arranged a week-long Private Journey to Costa Rica. The goal of the visits is to explore the agriculture, infrastructure and culture of the region visited, and the close cultural connections we establish in each region enabled us to construct a targeted itinerary in record time. The 27-person private tour of Costa Rica based on our cultural walking adventure featured face-to-face visits with small-scale farmers and cooperatives, a dinner with the former President of Costa Rica in his home, as well as visits to directors of the central bank, the main post office, a university, and a hospital. Our local guide is himself a farmer who has degrees in biology and international relations. The activities he led included rain forest walks and a picnic lunch serenaded by the Costa Rican National Symphony. Powered by that success, the university subsequently commissioned Classic Journeys to create a similar travel program to Italy.

Graduate School Alumni Explore Ancient Rome’s Architecture
The challenge: Create a professional-caliber exploration of some of the Roman Empire’s finest landmarks for the alumni of a university’s engineering school. And blend the technical with the cultural pleasures of Italian travel to create an itinerary that the pros and their traveling companions would all enjoy. Classic Journeys arranged private visits to key sites in Rome, Naples, Pompeii and Campania. We engaged leading experts in engineering, architecture and history. And we included the full time services of a local guide to offer insights into contemporary Italian life—and to provide alternate activities in spectacular locales like Positano and Ravello.

The Art History of Rome
When an alumna learned that her university’s art-based trip to Rome was in danger of cancellation because a tour operator had dropped the ball, she remembered her culinary trip to Provence with Classic Journeys. And she recommended us to take over the program. In record time, we reconceived the trip, with a start in Rome and the addition of extra days adapted from our Tuscany & the Cinque Terre itinerary. To add icing to the cake, we arranged for the group of 15 alumni to travel with one of our favorite local guides Flaminia, an art history curator at Sotheby’s in Rome.
Museum-goers Get More Nova Scotia Museums
A regional arts council from the southeast United States approached Classic Journeys to offer patrons a travel experience in Canada. Together, we considered our Cultural + Walking Adventures in Quebec and Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia was the winner. Like all of our trips, the itinerary already included a range of cultural and historic experiences such as tours of Annapolis Royal and Lunenburg. But to suit the needs of the group we also added 3 or 4 additional museum visits.
An Extended Irish Visit
“We want to go to Ireland,” said a West Coast University. “And we want to keep the planning simple.” True to what we hear from many affinity groups, their staffs often don’t have time to invest in detailed planning of alumni travel programs. Classic Journeys has already done the legwork, and we’re happy to apply it to any trip! In this case, we scheduled a special departure of our Ireland tour for up to 24 guests. Then, to be sure the tour fit the length and style of the pre-existing program, we started tweaking. We arranged a pre-tour extension to Dublin. After the tour, travelers also have the option to extend their visit to Scotland. A completely custom alumni tour came together quickly—saving the alumni organization time and getting the program ready to accept reservations at the earliest possible date.

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