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  • Cuba People-to-People Tour

Until the middle of the 20th century, ordinary Americans puddle-jumped to Cuba for quick getaways. The door is now ajar again. But this time it opens to deeper, longer, more thoughtful interactions on the people-to-people Cuba tour that Classic Journeys has been licensed to offer. In the company of expert local guides, you’ll meet and engage with a remarkable cross-section of the society: school students, cigar-makers and policy-makers, naturalists and artists, farmers, historians and more. On the streets of Havana, in a mountainous eco-village, at the home of Ernest Hemingway or in the fields of a peasant farm, every moment is a revelation—and a truly meaningful opportunity to absorb and grasp the island’s rich culture. To broaden your perspective, accommodations range from highly-regarded Havana landmarks to a beautifully situated hotel overlooking the Valle de Viñales. This is sure to be one of the most enriching person-to-person experiences you’ll ever have.

Expect an intensive, immersive experience.
Classic Journeys recognizes the value of fostering deeper cultural understanding and interaction between Cuba and the United States. To that end, and in careful respect of the license granted to us, we’ve planned educational people-to-people trips to Cuba that offer a full program of personal encounters with Cuban people from all strata of society. We’ve included visits to sites of historical significance, economic importance and natural beauty. You should expect rich, full days, calibrated to enable meaningful interaction with the people and culture of Cuba.
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