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Vermont Tours

These days, life moves at a breakneck pace. Step into Vermont, and you’re stepping into a world where time seems to move slowly, if at all. Here you’ll encounter covered bridges, cobblestone roads, mills whose wheels are still turned by crystal clear streams, an old bucket hanging off of a maple tree, collecting the sap that a local innkeeper will convert to delicious syrup. If a quiet sojourn into America’s rustic past in one of the country’s most beautiful states sounds like the perfect getaway from the hustle-and-bustle, our Vermont tours await.

Whether exploring the state’s largest city, Burlington (population: 40,000), the scenic shores of Lake Champlain, or sleepy mountainside towns, you’ll indulge in terrific natural scenery (especially in the autumn) and historic architecture (many buildings date back to the 1700s and are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places).

Rushing waterfalls, breathtaking gorges, green meadows, and wildflower-covered hills welcome hikers. Shops full of locally made goods, vibrant towns with street musicians and bustling farm to table restaurants, and friendly locals all await visitors.

You’ll get an inside look at a cider mill, learn the art and science of pressing apples and sample the delicious results. You’ll watch local glassblowers work their magic. You’ll get the chance to meet some of Vermont’s local birds of prey and talk with the caretakers who nurse injured hawks, eagles and owls back to health. And you’ll get the chance to visit the cabin where the great American poet Robert Frost penned some of his best-known works. Your nights will be spent in cozy New England luxury, relaxing at some of the country’s finest inns.

If you’re looking for an experience of a wholly unique sort, in a part of the United States that is known for its tranquil beauty and warm hospitality, you’ll be happily surprised by your Classic Journeys Vermont tour. Robert Frost himself famously wrote about the life-changing importance of taking the road less traveled. Those beautiful roads await you in Vermont.
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