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Sardinia & Corsica Tours

Sardinia and Corsica are steeped in myth as well as history. The noble Aragons of Spain expanded its empire to Sardinia in the 1300s, establishing a Spanish presence that is still felt today. Legend has it that Odysseus’ travels brought him to the island of Corsica. France’s most famous ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte, was actually born here. At some point, as you wander through these beautiful, sunny islands, you’ll wonder why Napoleon and Odysseus ever left. And you’ll marvel at the fact that these two jewels of the Mediterranean are still largely undiscovered by tourists. 

The distance between the islands of Corsica and Sardinia is a mere eight miles, but in many ways, the two are worlds apart. Corsica is a part of France – but walking along its pathways and streets, you’d never know it. The walled fortress town of Bonifacio, built in the 12th century, is like something out of a fantasy novel, perched on high cliffs overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean. The culture and the cuisine are a fusion of Italian and French – a plateful of traditional French beignets for breakfast might be followed by a bowl of decidedly Italian suppa di Castagne for lunch, with world-renowned Corsican olive oil serving as a unifying treat. Sardinia belongs to Italy, but its Spanish influence permeates all that you’ll see (and hear) – signs are in both Spanish and Italian, and in conversation Sardinians lyrically move back and forth between Catalan and the local Italian dialect. You’ll find that Sardinian arts and crafts—from intricate wood carvings to cozy woolen wraps—are among the most unique in the world, combining the aesthetics of two great Mediterranean cultures. 

Spending your nights in world-class villas and inns that speak to the islands’ storied past as well as its bright future, you’ll have days of idyllic roaming. From exploring 5,000-year-old archaeological sites to enjoying lunch with a local shepherd on his beautiful ranch to getting a lesson in olive oil pressing, our Sardinia and Corsica itinerary will give you experiences that are wholly unique, all under a warm sun on two of the world’s most beautiful islands. 

Paraíso. Paradiso. Paradis. In Spanish, Italian or French, these words mean the same, and definitely apply to Sardinia and Corsica. Paradise.
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Sardinia & Corsica

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