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French & Italian Riviera Tours

When you think of the glamorous lives of celebrities, vacations on the French and Italian Riviera immediately come to mind. Lounging by the pool at a 5-star hotel, shopping in high end boutiques, eating at the finest restaurants in the south of France – sounds pretty good, right?

Our Riviera itineraries offer all that and a whole lot more – your Classic Journeys experience in the French and Italian Riviera is, after all, a Culture and Walking Tour. Along with being pampered, you’ll be spending time in parts of the Riviera that showcase the region’s history, arts and breathtaking landscapes. You’ll explore coastal villages that have thrived for centuries, walk along garden paths to local galleries, visit monasteries and lighthouses, and spend time in friendly marketplaces. From Nice to Genova, you’ll move through one of the world’s most beloved coastlines, where artists like Henri Matisse spent their days drawing inspiration from the beautiful scenery and delightful people. On the French side, you’ll enjoy the delights of Niçoise cooking (the famous salad, of course, but also local fish stew); on the Italian side, you’ll savor the frutti di mare, the iconic seafood pasta of Italy that has almost as many varieties as there are fish in the sea.

Between your daily outings, there will be plenty of time to relax and unwind. You’ll be staying at three of the region’s finest hotels – and considering that this is the Riviera, that’s saying a lot. Unwind at hotels frequented by Matisse, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Fredric Nietzsche. Enjoy the Cote d’Azur from the home base of a luxury chateau built in the 16th century. As you watch the sun dip into the ocean, eager to see what your next day on the Riviera brings, you’ll feel like true royalty. 
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