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Travel in the ‘New Normal’
What to know before you depart on your vacation and traveling with peace of mind during your trip.

Testing and Border Requirements or Restrictions  
As destinations around the world open to travelers, local governments and health authorities are each enacting measures and protocols to open responsibly. Certain states and countries have implemented new measures like testing requirements or specific restrictions on travel. We and our guests are fortunate because with our family of expert local guides embedded in each of the countries and regions where we operate our trips, they are able to provide us very up-to-date and actionable information on testing requirements and travel restrictions. We calibrate this locally sourced information with that from WHO, CDC and the U.S. State Department. We're keeping a close eye on regulations that will affect our departures this year, both on domestic trips and abroad.  
See our blog for regularly updated information. 

Before You Depart on Your Vacation  
You have your own Guest Experience Specialist dedicated to you to answer your questions, to make sure you’re prepared, and to keep you informed leading up to your vacation. If you’re traveling abroad, you receive an easy-to-follow checklist of what is needed to enter the country. Your updated packing list will remind you to bring your mask and other items you’ll find helpful to have during your travels. 

Before Returning Home from Your Vacation  
Effective January 26, and until further notice, the CDC requires that anyone flying into the U.S. by air from any foreign destination has to show a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival stateside. We're incorporating testing seamlessly into the last few days of each international tour. In most cases, tests will be conducted in the comfort of your luxury hotel room, and results fast-tracked while you soak in hot springs, go for a nature hike, ride camels, or whatever makes your vacation special. And it will be in your hands, well in advance of boarding your flight home. Check with our Travel Experience team for specific details related to your tour and the country you are exploring with us.

Award-Winning Boutique Hotels 
Like you, we love hotels that are small boutique properties that are owned and operated by people we know personally and talk to frequently about your enjoyment on tour. What this means for you is that you are always interacting with the decision-makers, both when you are speaking with our team in La Jolla and on tour with our guides and hoteliers. 

Countries around the world are requiring a new set of strict guidelines for hotels to follow. Enhanced safety measures include new safety training for all staff that complies with current safety guidelines, and cleaning regimens of public spaces throughout the hotel as well as guest rooms and suites. Our hoteliers follow the local requirements of their state and country, as well as the Health & Safety Guidelines of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Think of it as belt and suspenders for your safe travels. In addition, Invisible Check-In has been a hallmark of our experience on tour in removing your wait during check-in. That becomes even more beneficial now to maintain social distancing 

Memorable Meals and Flexibility in How to Enjoy Them 
Classic Journeys is known for memorable outdoor picnics and al fresco dining experiences, so expect a number of these during your trip. We’ve never believed in cafeteria dining, buffets or large group tables. Small intimate tables have always been our preference during meals. That will continue and you can expect to have additional options as well. While we know some of the best times when traveling are shared over a meal with new friends, we also want to provide you with increased flexibility when dining. For included meals, tell us before departure if you’d like to eat with the group or at a private table. If you prefer room service, just let us know. When taking breakfast at your hotel, opt for à la carte, or enjoy room service (all included). 

Guides Who Are Local and Well-Connected Mean More Than Ever 
Many companies tell you that they are well-connected and then they hand off the operations of your trip to another company they pay to operate your vacation. That’s one way to operate a tour company, certainly, but it’s not the way we like to travel. Our tour leaders are LOCAL to the countries and places where they guide our trips. That means that you travel with real, well-connected friends when you travel with Classic Journeys. 

The first person you’ll meet to start your trip is your expert local Classic Journeys guide, who has already connected with your Guest Experience Specialist about you and your wish list for your trip. They are truly your local, well-connected friend who knows everyone in the region you’re visiting, including their favorite shop-keepers, restauranteurs, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, artisans and craftsmen. 

If you need assistance on tour from a medical professional, you have access through our guides, to their preferred local health care professionals. All of our local guides carry with them a list of physicians and health care professionals, and their contact information throughout every region visited on tour. 

Vehicle Cleaning Daily 
We’ve always believed that minimizing the time in the vehicle maximizes the enjoyment of the trip. That’s still the case. And in fact, we’ve even reviewed every day of every trip, and every drive of ever trip to see how we can reduce drive times further in order to maximize time in the fresh air.  

Between each tour, vehicles are subjected to rigorous cleaning to completely decontaminate them. Every evening, so that each day you start your morning in a fresh clean environment, your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly using products and disinfectants that meet requirements for effectiveness against COVID-19. 

Face Coverings and PPE 
You receive your own goodie bag complete with hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and more will be provided to you on the first day of your trip. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout your trip from your guide. In addition, a limited supply of masks is available on tour. (Of course, all airlines until further notice are requiring face masks to be worn, so you’ll want to bring a supply for yourself.) 

A Genuine Small Group Experience 
We’re the best at small group travel and have been so for 25 years. And in a time period when you are probably looking for a genuinely small group experience, our average group size of just eight guests is truly the most boutique in the industry.  

Choose Your Own Adventure 
For a quarter of a century, we’ve handcrafted our trips with the visits, walks and activities that we enjoy most when exploring a region. And we’ve invited you to come along on some or all of them each day of your vacation. That flexibility in how you want to handcraft your own day, each day, is more important than ever. So, you can opt in or opt out of any activity you want, knowing that when you join us, we are taking every precaution. Prefer to relax by the pool, sleep in, do some shopping or even arrange some alternative activity for the day? It’s your vacation.