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We believe that travel—and in particular connecting with other people and cultures when you travel—fuels your soul in a way that very few things do. So, through our relationships with well-connected local guides, we introduce you to the most memorable experiences and interesting people—artisans, winemakers, hoteliers, chefs, naturalists, and more. And, with this extended family, we handcraft Cultural Walking Adventures that empower you to see the world, on foot and at eye level. 

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Why Choose Classic Journeys?

Travel + Leisure magazine has names Classic Journeys the #1 World's Best Tour Operator multiple times, and the editors of T+L say, "Classic Journeys provides unbeatable access to experiences around the globe." Here's what that access means for you every time you travel with us.

Experience the world on foot and at eye level.

Each day, join your guide on the most cinematic footpaths in the region.

Exceptional full-time local guideds who become your well-connected friend.

Our amazing guides are with you throughout each day of the tour, share their lifelong connections as well as engaging anecdotes about the history and culture of the region.

Small groups that provide you unrivaled access.

An average of fewer than 10 guess per departure means we can offer you special access to sites like Stonehenge when it’s closed to general public, a guided visit to Zion Narrows that other companies cannot because of larger group sizes, and vineyard walks with a count and countess in Tuscany.

Award-winning hotels are waiting for you at the end of every day.

Luxuriate in the finest and most distinctive accommodations in the region you’re exploring, including rainforest lodges,16th-century villas, and award-winning properties that show up on World’s Best and Gold lists.

Eat like (and with) the locals.

Food is a foolproof way into the hearts, homes and history of the places you visit with us. From gourmet picnics to coveted local restaurants, our meals offer you opportunities to explore native food traditions and fine dining.

Handcrafted itineraries with all activities included.

With our long-term friendships, we know our regions more personally than anyone else. So, you get thoughtfully curated itineraries that combine explorations of the villages, historic sites, and the people who know them best.

Sustainable travel that supports the places you're visiting.

We put our local currency into the pockets of the people who live where we travel. It’s your guarantee that you’ll have authentic, up-close experiences on your trip. Best of all, our person-to-person approach helps sustain their ways of life.

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