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Montenegro: the name literally means “Black Mountain.” It was given to the region by 15th century Venetians, who were likely at a loss for words to describe it. And while it certainly fits, Montenegro is much more than mountains. The phrase “Europe’s Best-Kept Secret” is used to describe many places, but we think it really does fit this small but amazingly, beautifully complex country.

The Venetians could’ve easily called it Acqua Azzurra — “Blue Water.” You’ll find plenty of it here. The village of Sveti Stefan — now a resort — seems to float on top of the Adriatic Sea. The seaside town of Budva is known for its serene, sunny beaches (and vibrant nightlife; it’s easy to see why the region is known as the Budva Riviera). Along with enjoying a coastal paradise, you’ll see why the country’s lakes are considered to be among Europe’s finest - crystal clear, and ringed by those towering mountains.

Not to worry. You’ll get to experience those mountains, for they’re an essential part of a Montenegro vacation. Time spent in the Montenegrin mountains is a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. You’ll venture up into the rugged heart of this fascinating country. You’ll see monasteries built on soaring cliffs. You’ll explore alpine villages that have flourished for centuries. You’ll peer over the rim of Europe’s deepest canyon. And you’ll sleep in luxury, tucked away in a mountain chalet nestled among towering pines, doted upon by your Montenegrin hosts. 

Hospitality is a cornerstone of the Montenegro culture. You’ll find a wonderfully inviting blend of everything we love about the region, an intersection of Mediterranean, Adriatic and Balkan cultures. It’s no wonder that savvy travelers love to visit this tiny country - they know that they’ll be treated not as guests, but as family. You’ll be a part of that family as well, whether it’s learning about Montenegrin art from local craftsfolk, to going on a walking tour of a local olive oil factory, to chatting with the chef as you’re served some of the best and most distinct food in Europe. (Bring your appetite.) Montenegrins are fiercely proud of their heritage and are delighted to share it with you. Did we say that Montenegro is Europe’s Best-Kept Secret? What we really mean is that Montenegro is Europe’s BEST Best-Kept Secret. We can’t wait to share it with you.
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