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Montana Tours

“I am in love with Montana,” John Steinbeck once wrote. “For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love, and it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” Far be it from us to disagree with a Nobel Prize-winning writer. It won’t take much for you to fall for the Big Sky state either — your first glimpse of a bald eagle scooping a trout out of a crystal-clear stream, the sight of mountain goats on the slopes of the Rockies during a mountain ascent in a gondola, or the peaceful easy feeling that comes with riding a trusty horse across green grasslands.  

Montana is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular states in the Union, with its lofty mountains, tumbling rivers and impossibly blue lakes. It’s host to one of the crown jewels of the U.S. national park system, Glacier National Park. You’ll get to explore the state’s incredible terrain, from the bottom of glacier-carved gorges to the peak of the aptly-named Big Mountain. On a Montana family tour, you’ll get the chance to spend some time on a working ranch, having a true “greenhorn” experience. But forget “roughing it” ⁠— no freeze-dried food or lugging around a 75-pound backpack for you. You’ll stay in luxurious hotels, enjoying all of the modern amenities. You’ll discover the wonders of Montana in comfort and style; easy walks on friendly trails, casual floats down rivers (whitewater is optional!) and across lakes, and of course delicious meals prepared by amazing local chefs, all while being surrounded by breathtaking scenery. 

More than that, Montanans are folks with hearts as big as that famous sky. Our Montana family vacations and Montana group tours match the state’s rugged beauty with the frontier friendliness of its residents. You’ll journey through some of the most stunning parts of Montana in the company of local guides, naturalists, cowboys and Native Americans. When you take a Classic Journeys Montana trip, you’ll be embarking on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the American West. 
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