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Behind every Classic Journey, there's a personal story. 

A screenwriter couldn't have scripted it better: two of our founders first met on a walking tour of Wales. Temporarily sidelined by inclement weather, they began to bond over their mutual wanderlust. A working relationship ensued, and not long after, an eclectic group of friends—bound by their passion for travel and a spirit of adventure—came on board. A company was born, based on the premise that walking in itself is wonderful, but walking balanced with culture and history is even better. When combined with frequent opportunities to mix and mingle with friendly locals, that's a Classic Journey.

We take scouting seriously so our guests don't have to.

When creating a Classic Journey, we ask ourselves three questions:

If the answers are yes, yes, and yes, we go to work making that trip become a reality, carefully crafting an itinerary that features the best the destination has to offer. In short, our goal is to do things in a way nobody else does. A case in point: Wendy, our gregarious guide in Britain's Cotswolds, knew someone who knew someone with the power to grant private access to Stonehenge. As a result, our guests are able to wander among the ancient stones in the mystical hours of early morning, before the site even opens to the public. That's a Classic Journey.

Our expertise precedes us every step of the way.

By design, Classic Journeys trips feature three to four hours of walking a day at a comfortable, easy-going pace. Group sizes average 10-12, big enough to allow guests to find others with similar interests, but small enough so no one feels they're being herded around like sheep. Our hand-picked accommodations—from 4- and 5-star villas to converted abbeys and rainforest lodges—are evocative of each destination. But the real secret sauce is our guides, an amazing team of more than 300 local experts who instinctively know what it takes to make a vacation a trip of a lifetime.