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Loire Valley & Burgundy Tours

Quick: what’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of France? If you said “food,” you’re right. If you said “wine,” you’re also right. Now you’re probably thinking of a warm baguette, fresh from the oven, and a delicate Pinot Noir, aged to perfection. And some cheese! Perhaps a pyramid of nutty Valençay, or a wedge of tangy Selles-sur-Cher? Why not both? If we’ve made you hungry, we’re sorry (well, not really). And if you’re now thinking about taking a French food and wine tour, there’s really no other choice than Burgundy and the Loire Valley.

If France has a culinary heartland, it must be Burgundy and the Loire Valley. Here is the France that’s inspired foodies, wine lovers, and chefs around the globe. Rolling hills, flowery meadows, rows and rows of grapevines, pastoral villages, rivers running through it all. It’s not hard to understand why everything here just tastes better: the countryside looks as if it sprung from the pages of a fairytale, imbuing magic into the regional food and wine. (Yes, that’s a castle that looks as if it’s floating on water. Like we said—magical.)

In Burgundy, you’ll stroll through France’s greatest wine region, touring some of the world’s best-loved vineyards—and yes, stopping to sample some of the local winemakers’ offerings. After all, this is France! The gentle countryside is punctuated by the awesome sight of medieval fortresses surrounded by imposing moats and walled villages perched atop green hills—adding to that fairytale atmosphere.

Then it’s on to the Loire Valley, where you’ll be in the presence of some of France’s mightiest and most beautiful chateaus—so many, in fact, that the entire valley is a UNESCO world heritage site. You’ll visit some of the best-known chateaus in the region, and of course, you’ll be spending your nights sleeping in a chateau as well. You’ll dine with the locals in quaint villages, walk through magnificent gardens and truly understanding what the French mean when they say “je ne sais quoi”—there’s a certain indefinable quality to Burgundy and the Loire that just makes it so very French and so utterly delightful.
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Loire & Burgundy

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7 Days, 6 Nights

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