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Italian Lake Tours

For centuries, people have been drawn to the Italian Lake District. From Roman emperors to Hollywood royalty, the upper echelons of society have come here to relax and unwind; the more adventurous travelers looking to fully experience its beauty come to explore its waters, lakeside pathways, and trails leading up into the Italian Alps. The Italian lakes almost defy description. How do you possibly begin to tell people about this stunning region?

The word you’re looking for is “idyllic.” Sipping on a Campari and soda, the warm Italian Alpine sun tempered ever so slightly by the cool breeze coming off of the mountains, you watch the boats drift lazily across the still waters of Lake Como—“Lario”, as the locals call it—passing villas that seem to rise up right out of the placid blue, in the spectacular heart of the Italian Lake District. You’re excited to discover the rest of the region, but you could also very easily sit here for the rest of your life… just soaking it all in.

Of course, while it’s lovely to relax by the shore, there’s more to experience. After all, our Italian Lakes tour takes you to three of Italy’s most beautiful locations—Lake Como, Lake Orta, and Lake Maggiore. You’ll be spending time on the water and on land, taking in the sights, smells and tastes of this lush region—sometimes all at once, as you stroll through secluded rose gardens or dine al fresco on a tiny island. You’ll wander through lakeside villages, checking out the works of local craftsmen and the catches of local fishermen. You’ll cruise the calm lakes, going from villa to villa, hoping to catch a glimpse of movie stars catching rays on the decks of passing boats. Your walks will take you past noble palaces and through olive groves, all in the shadow of welcoming green mountains.

The other word you’re looking for? Dreamy. Every moment you spend on our Italian Lakes tour, you’ll want to pinch yourself to see if all of this is real. Trust us: it is and it’s incredible.
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