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Heritage Travel with Classic Journeys
Take the route back to your roots with Classic Journeys

Have you ever wondered what life was like in the land of your ancestors? How remote was their cottage in Ireland? What did they eat in their Sicilian village? What did they see through their windows when they woke to a morning in Vietnam or Spain or Croatia? How did a world you’ve never seen influence the person you are today?
Let your family tree inspire your next vacation with help from Classic Journeys. Whether you think of it as a heritage tour, a DNA tour or ancestral tourism, exploring the land of your roots adds an engaging extra dimension to your travels. Even if you don’t have specifics about the where and when of your family’s origins, you’ll still feel a connectedness like never before.
Cultural immersion brings your family’s past to life on a Classic Journey.
Each itinerary is handcrafted to bring travelers into close personal contact with a region’s people and culture. Your full-time local guides know the farmers, the craftspeople, the everyday folk who live modern lives that strongly echo tradition and history. You’ll gain eye-opening insights into the events that spurred emigration. And it’s not unusual to encounter a dish that reminds you of the one Grandma used to serve on Sunday or a legend that sounds a lot like the one you were told as a bedtime story. 

Take a look at our scheduled trips now or simply send us your 23andMe,, or other DNA results and we’ll contact you with more information on the regions that match your ancestry!

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Or let us create a private trip to your family’s ground zero.
If you’re lucky enough to have detailed genealogical knowledge, the experts at Classic Journeys can curate a private trip that can take you to the very town, maybe even the exact street, where it all started. You can ask us to adapt one of our published itineraries or to create one from scratch for the ultimate in personal discovery. To find out more about a private heritage trip, call us at 800.200.3887. If you need help researching your genealogy, click here to be connected with expert genealogists to discover the details of your ancestors’ life before you go.

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Roots on a Norwegian Farm

Two sisters on a recent Classic Journeys departure asked if we could help them arrange a visit to an ancestral family farm. Our in-country team jumped in to facilitate a remarkable step into the past.


Seeking Greek Origins

Even though frequent guest Achilles is Greek to the core, his younger generations had never been to the homeland. Classic Journeys arranged a few days on their ancestral island of Lesbos, so the grandfather could reveal their origins to his family – and be there to enjoy their reactions.


Back Home to Cuba

Mary’s family emigrated from Cuba in 1959. On her first return visit since then, Classic Journeys helped her reconnect with family members after being out of touch for more than five decades.