The Galápagos Islands can really push a family’s “happy buttons.” The close-up looks at penguins and iguanas and sea lions are almost too cool to believe. The landscapes are like nothing you’ve ever seen, and the climate is great. Too bad for most visitors that they tour the islands by cruise ship. Everybody can get stir-crazy in the limited space. And the fun of ship-to-shore Zodiac rides wears off after 4 or 5 trips. That’s why we prefer an island-based Galápagos family vacation. There’s plenty of elbow room to walk, swim in our boutique hotels’ pools, and watch for blue-footed boobies out the back door. You can go sea-kayaking right from the dock outside your door. We have easy access to clear lagoons for snorkeling, great trails for mountain-biking, and white beaches for lounging. Even if you weren’t bumping into a titanic tortoise or a strutting flamingo at every turn, this would still be a fantastic active family vacation. And unlike those tourists marooned on their boats, we get to hang out with the locals and get a feel for what human life is like among the wildlife!
The Galápagos
Family Journey
7 Days / 6 Nights
The kids will love...
  • Hanging out with giant tortoises and Galápagos penguins
  • Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming in calm, clear waters
  • Making friends with local guides who know everything
  • Inns that are out of this world
    On our Galápagos family vacation, you travel in real style with leisurely stays in distinctive inns—instead of being isolated on a cruise ship.
    Will your kids "get" the Galápagos?
    Our Galápagos family vacation is a slam-dunk with every age. We offer activities that fire kids’ imaginations from visiting with penguins and giant tortoises, to snorkeling and kayaking, to hunting for treasure in volcanic caves—all in the company of friendly and informative local guides.
    Itinerary at a glance
    Our Galápagos family vacation begins in San Cristóbal (2 nights), the easternmost of the Galápagos Islands. We get off to a fast start with a cool walk led by our naturalist-guide. We’ll also put on our snorkel gear and hit the water with the sea turtles and sea lions.

    From our hotel overlooking the boardwalk, we go by speedboat to Isla Lobos for some amazing sea kayaking. It’s also the best spot to encounter sun-bathing sea lions and the sand-smacking blue-footed boobies. There’s a beautiful afternoon walk into a sleepy village that’s the oldest in the Galápagos. Then we visit the family who runs a coffee plantation, with time for a tasting.

    On Isabela Island (2 nights), we’ll go mountain biking through lava rocks to white sand beaches where your family and the curious Galápagos penguins check each other out at close range. Take a dip in our hotel’s infinity pool before a gourmet dinner. On a totally awesome walk through a wild lava landscape, we look right over the rim into Volcán Sierra Negra, the second largest volcanic caldera on earth!

    On Santa Cruz Island (2 nights), we head up to the highlands to walk with 500-pound giant tortoises in their natural habitat. We also explore lava tunnels where legend says the pirates hid their gold. Right from our hotel’s dock, we go kayaking in waters where manta rays glide beneath us. And you can even get in some surfing on Tortuga Bay. On the final day of our Galápagos Islands family vacation, we visit the acclaimed Charles Darwin Research Station before returning to the mainland.
    The Galápagos
    Family Journey
    7 Days / 6 Nights
    Starting Point: San Cristóbal—on arrival of flight from mainland
    Ending Point: Baltra—on departure of flight from mainland
    Let us create a special departure or itinerary just for you.
    Logistics made easy
    On our island-based Galápagos family vacation, we eliminate your logistical concerns. We take care of all the details so you can focus on the amazing wildlife, scenery, snorkeling, swimming and other activities.
    Our small groups offer more options
    Fewer guests give us more flexibility on our Galápagos Islands family vacation. Here and everywhere we travel, we offer alternate walks, time off for relaxing, and other options at no extra cost.
    Tour Dates & Prices
    Tour prices are per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement is only applicable if you are traveling solo and/or have a room to yourself.
    December 18-24, 2015$4895.00$895.00
    Dec 27, 2015-Jan 2, 2016$4895.00$895.00
    Dec 29, 2015-Jan 4, 2016$4895.00$895.00
    February 14-20, 2016$4695.00$795.00
    March 13-19, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    March 20-26, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    Mar 27-Apr 2, 2016$4895.00$795.00
    April 3-9, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    June 19-25, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    Jun 26-Jul 2, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    July 24-30, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    Jul 31-Aug 6, 2016$4795.00$795.00
    November 20-26, 2016$4695.00$795.00
    December 25-31, 2016$4995.00$795.00
    Dec 27, 2016-Jan 2, 2017$4995.00$795.00
    • Full time experienced guide(s) who are with you throughout the trip, handle behind-the-scenes logistics and are there to help with anything from haggling for a rug to buying a tube of toothpaste
    • Support vehicle(s)
    • Admissions to tastings, historic sites and other scheduled events as noted in the detailed daily itinerary.
    • Gratuities for hotels, meals and baggage
    • Trip literature
    • All land transportation during the trip
    • All meals and all activities in the itinerary, including gear for snorkeling and kayaking
    We will arrange flights between Quito/Guayaquil and the Galapagos for $745/person, including Galapagos entrance fees.
    The Galápagos
    Family Journey
    7 Days / 6 Nights
    when sharing a room with two full-paying guests
    Kids ages 11-16 receive a $500 discount; ages 7-10 receive a $750 discount; ages 3-6 receive a $1250 discount; ages 2 and younger receive a $1750 discount. When sharing a room with one full-paying guest, kids receive a $250 discount.
    Sea Side Inn

    Located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, this eco-sensitive inn offers light-flooded rooms decorated in crisp, contemporary style. All rooms have balconies that overlook the sea or the tortoise-shaped swimming pool.

    Iguana Crossing

    The ocean laps at the front door. There’s nothing but National Park (with a live volcano) out the back. This hotel is cool, very close to nature and eco-minded. Amenities include a swimming pool, a roof-deck Jacuzzi and its own excellent restaurant.

    Angermeyer Waterfront Inn

    Built of native lava rock and driftwood, this first-class hotel is situated right on the waterfront. Guests enjoy peace and total privacy, plus a perfect chance to experience what the owners call the true 'Galápagos spirit'.

    Galapagos Means Tortoises -
    Ruth Heller
    A rhyming introduction to the ecosystem of the Galápagos, intended for children ages 7-10. Heller has a knack for children's nonfiction, and her poems are remarkably playful and informative. With lovely color illustrations of blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises and other creatures of the islands.

    Galapagos: The Enchanted Islands, Through Writer's Eyes -
    John Hickman
    This human history of the islands from the Inca to gentleman pirates, fitful castaways and scientists includes tales by Herman Melville, Charles Darwin and Captain David Porter. Originally published as The Enchanted Islands: Galapagos Discovered.

    Darwin in Galapagos, Footsteps to a New World -
    Greg Estes, Thalia Grant
    Lucky Greg Estes (colleague and naturalist guide in Galapagos since 1982) and wife Thalia Grant (daughter of Peter Grant of Darwin finch fame) got to retrace Darwin's full route among the islands for this inspired book. They convey the experiences of the young naturalist, the impact of Galapagos on the development of his ideas -- and the human history and change in the islands over the last 175 years with drama and insight. With 200 color, 70 black-and-white images and four maps of Darwin's route.

    The Galápagos
    Family Journey
    7 Days / 6 Nights
    The weather in the Galápagos remains remarkably consistent throughout the year with an average year-round temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • The snorkeling was amazing. Kids loved playing volleyball and soccer with the locals on the islands. Alfredo was kind, honest, great with the kids, very informative and very accommodating!
    • Snorkeling with the sea lions was a once in a lifetime experience.
    • Alfredo was always attentive and bent over backwards to accommodate our needs and requests. He made sure the children had their choice of menu items and his knowledge of the locals made our trip even more enjoyable and comfortable.
    • Our guide was outstanding!!! He is extremely knowledgeable in all areas and his fluency in English allowed him to share so much with us. He quickly learned all of our strengths, weaknesses and personality quirks and adapted many activities to suit our needs.
    • Miguel was incredible! He was kind, knowledgeable, articulate, fun, and enthusiastic. He was an absolute joy to be around. In all my travels, he is the best guide I have ever had. You are so fortunate to have him.

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