Croatia Walking Tours

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A doc in Croatia
A lake in Croatia
A seaside view of Croatia
A man testing beer in barrels in Croatia
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A lake in Croatia.
A girl taking a picture of a city landscape in Croatia.

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Croatia is The Country Where We Would Live If We Could Live Anywhere. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe Dalmatia’s Adriatic coastline or Istrian vineyards that Napa should envy. Think cinematic Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing on “Game of Thrones”), Rovinj perched on the tip of a peninsula, and harbor-side Hvar. This is a country where you can do an artisanal olive-oil tasting lesson, take a country walk a million miles from anywhere, and rest up afterward at your 5-star hotel by the sea, all in the same day. The Croatians are warm hosts and – from vintners to truffle hunters – just about the most engaging people ever.