Share our bottomless appetite for local food traditions when we combine international cuisine and local culture

Street food to haute gastronomy, we love it all. 
At Classic Journeys, we believe food is a foolproof way into the hearts, homes and history of the places we visit, and we prove it with every meal. Snacks picked up in market stalls and bakeshops. A five-course extravaganza in a Michelin-starred restaurant. A home cooked lunch in a farmhouse kitchen. All breakfasts many lunches are included. We treat you to most dinners as well, often with complimentary wine.

Eat like the luckiest of locavores. 
Thanks to the small size of our groups, we can get you into the kind of village cafes and small restaurants that are favorite haunts of the locals. In many restaurants, chefs prepare special meals for us. And so what if the menus aren’t in English? Your guide is there to translate, point you to the best specialties and pass on your compliments to cooks whose usual customers are neighbors. If you’d like to take it one step further do some of the cooking yourself, be sure to see our Culinary Tours!