Classic Journeys guide Vibeke grew up in Bergen and now lives between her two homes–one in the town of Drammen near Olso and the other on an island called Sotra, west of Bergen. She has been guiding Classic Journeys guests through south Norway since 2009. As the Coronavirus situation unfolds worldwide, Vibeke is our woman on the street, letting us know how family life in Norway has been affected by COVID-19:

Classic Journeys Guide Vibeke hiking on glaciers

Let me give you a little update on private life in Norway…

After our family ski holiday in the Italian resort of Sauze d’Òulx, we went straight in to quarantine. By ‘we’, I refer to myself, my husband, our two sons and their two girlfriends. Fortunately, everybody can work from home and the house is big enough that everybody can have their little ‘office’ area. And MOST fortunately, no one is sick!!!

After our quarantine, we were looking forward to going out into the world again but then the Norwegian government placed more restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus.

So, we are still sitting indoors, working in our Coronavirus-free zone. My son Kristian sits in his morning meeting, with the dog on his lap.

My son Marcus, the data engineer sits with his screens. One of the boys’ girlfriends is working on her masters degree in law. The other is a professional musician, who’s been giving music lessons online!

We are allowed to go out so a quick jog and a work out on the deck outside, where the snow has melted, happens on a daily basis.

Naerofjord in the summertime, Norway

This means everybody gets VERY hungry, so Mum (me!) is in the kitchen doing cooking 24/7! I was just out shopping and we have shops full of everything: food, toilet paper etc…in that respect, all is normal 🙂

It is quite amazing to see that everybody in Norway have so much trust in the government, that actually the new regulations are being followed all across the country.

Whenever I have a moment of free time, I have been reading about the Vikings! I’m looking forward to sharing some newfound knowledge with Classic Journeys guests when I can welcome them again!

Best regards,


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