Here at Classic Journeys, we consider ourselves true “foodies.” And so, we seek out the most representative dishes and artisans in our quest to experience the genuine flavor of each place we visit. On our culinary tours you’ll be invited into kitchens for casual instruction, visit with cooks who share their secrets and learn to forage for ingredients and prepare native cuisine alongside locals whom have perfected their signature dishes for generations.

After all, to get a real taste of any region’s culture, you have to sample its indigenous cuisine when traveling. Enjoying local fare can offer glimpses not only into a region’s culture but also its history. And that’s why we bring you this one-of-a-kind culinary journey to southern Italy.

Amalfi, Al Buon Gusto!

Our guide Sergio is passionate about food. So when we dreamed of an itinerary that combines beautiful walks with Amalfi’s cooking and culinary traditions, you know who we asked.

Imagine it: Waking in pastel Positano or elegant Capri. Soaking in the endless views across the sapphire sea to the back streets of Pompeii. Eating your way to bliss with fresh seafood, huge lemons plucked from pathside trees, fire-singed pizza. Sergio has also arranged private cooking sessions in his favorite cook’s cliffside home and hands-on tutoring with a professional chef. Like a great Italian meal, this week is one long, happy event that you’ll wish would never end.

Cooking lesson

• Looking out to the Bay of Naples as we walk on the rim of Mt. Vesuvius
• The hydrofoil to Capri for two days of explorations
• The glow of Positano at sunset, seen from your cliffside hotel
• Being welcomed into the private kitchen of a well-known chef
• A walk in Positano; then boating along the coast to cook in a friend’s home
• Taking in vast coastal views from Ravello
• A leisurely limoncello tasting
• Sipping the family wine while making pizza in a friend’s wood-fired oven
• A privately guided visit to Pompeii with our archaeologist friend

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