It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

Just you and a dozen or so other guests watching the sun rise through the great pillars of stone…roaming the site with plenty of time to really explore…and then pausing to enjoy a private breakfast before the madding crowds arrive. Along with our British guide, Wendy, we’re able to pull off this amazing feat four times a year on our walking tour of the Cotswolds, Stonehenge & London in May, June, July and September.

Group at Stonehenge

It’s all the more amazing when you consider some Stonehenge statistics. According to an article I was reading by Christopher Chippindale, curator at Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, and Brian Davison of Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society, about 800,000 people visit Stonehenge per year, while another 200,000 stand at the roadside to view it from afar.

The inner circle of stones can accommodate 500 people at one time…but only 250 if you want to be able to move at all. The article closes with a photo of a solitary person standing among the stones with the caption: “Stonehenge as so many of us would want to experience it, alone on grass amongst the ancient stones.”

Drs. Chippindale and Davison, that’s precisely the Stonehenge experienced by Classic Journeys’ guests.

It’s also emblematic of the way we travel at Classic Journeys. We like to show you famed—and not so famous—sites in ways that are more personal than you can arrange on your own or with another adventure travel company.

If you’ve had an I-can’t-believe-it’s-me-standing-here experience at one of the world’s great sites, drop me a line at And if you’d like more information about our Cultural Walking Adventure to Cotswolds, Stonehenge & London, please click here.