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Confidence & Cleanliness
25 years built on a respect for, and protection of, the world and its people

California Responsible Travel Code ‘RESPECT’ - You’ve already taken the right step by choosing Classic Journeys. With our headquarters in California, we follow the California Responsible Travel Code, which focuses on respect as the key to keeping each other safe, as well as all of our world's precious and fragile beauty, today and tomorrow. With that, we use RESPECT as our guiding principles for how we travel. 

R - Roam responsibly 
E - Educate yourself 
S - Safety is at the heart of everything we do 
P - Preserve 
E - Embrace community 
C - Celebrate culture 
T - Teach and lead by example

Adventure Travel Trade Association – Health & Safety Guidelines - Classic Journeys is an active member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), the leading industry group in the adventure travel industry. With the ATTA, our member tour operators, our local guides and hoteliers, infectious disease experts, the CDC, WHO and local governments, our global community created a consensus on health and safety guidelines for adventure activities. We actively follow these guidelines for healthy and safe practices for our guests and all members of the extended Classic Journeys community worldwide. 

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