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Chile: Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun 2020

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Chile is a gorgeous spectacle. Spaghetti-thin, up to half of this country’s slim width is covered by the stratospheric Andes. Glaciers calve. Penguins mix with flamingos. Vineyards knit mild valleys into a neat green patchwork. And on December 14, 2020, day will turn to instant night at one of the few places on land where the total eclipse of the sun will be visible. This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to see it. Many travelers head to Chile just to experience the awesome variety of nature. But we also expose you to the fascinating array of local cultures strung the length of the country, including the Mapuche in the Lake District and the gauchos who ride the pampas. North to south, mountaintop to seashore, you’ll get a carefully curated up-close look at this vast and varied country.

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