Extend your time in Ecuador with time in the vibrant capital. On this fascinating guided visit, you discover the beating heart of a city that carpets the Andean foothills in light and life. The city sits squarely on the equator, but the divide isn’t just hemispheric. Quito offers dramatic contrasts – from the rich history of the colonial center, to bustling markets, to the peak of the Panecillo where the panoramic views of the city are breathtaking. 
Itinerary at a glance
Your guided explorations include a walk in the historic Old Town and a visit to gold-encrusted Iglesia de la Compañía. Atop the volcanic hill known as El Panecillo, take in the panoramic view of the city with its backdrop of snow-capped Andes. You also visit Intiñan Museum to straddle the equator and learn about its history. Late afternoon, you settle into your boutique hotel in the heart of the city. After breakfast the next day, you’ll transfer to Quito Airport for your flight to the Galápagos.
Picture yourself...
  • Strolling the lively streets with the background
  • Straddling the Equator
  • Marveling at the golden interior of South America’s most beautiful church
Quito City Tour
2 Days / 1 Nights
Starting Point: Lobby of pre-tour hotel

Ending Point: Upon drop-off at Quito Airport

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Margaret W.

Quito City Tour
2 Days / 1 Nights

Tour Dates & Prices
Tour prices are per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement is only applicable if you are traveling solo and/or have a room to yourself.
March 28-29, 2020$595.00$195.00
April 11-12, 2020$595.00$195.00
June 20-21, 2020$595.00$195.00
July 18-19, 2020$595.00$195.00
October 17-18, 2020$595.00$195.00
November 21-22, 2020$595.00$195.00
December 21-22, 2020$595.00$195.00
December 27-28, 2020$595.00$195.00
February 13-14, 2021$595.00$195.00
March 13-14, 2021$595.00$195.00
April 3-4, 2021$595.00$195.00
May 15-16, 2021$595.00$195.00
June 12-13, 2021$595.00$195.00
July 10-11, 2021$595.00$195.00
September 4-5, 2021$595.00$195.00
October 2-3, 2021$595.00$195.00
November 6-7, 2021$595.00$195.00
December 27-28, 2021$595.00$195.00

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Quito City Tour
2 Days / 1 Nights
Over the course of the year, the temperature in Quito typically varies from 48°F to 66°F and is rarely below 44°F or above 70°F.

Ecuador South America Amazon rive Quito rain forest highlands beautiful Hotel Patio Andaluz - luxury vacation destinations
Hotel Patio Andaluz

Dating back to the 16th century, this lovely boutique hotel has been declared an official national treasure. The glass-covered central courtyard is a wonderful place to dine. The rooms are decorated in classic colonial style.

Quito City Tour
2 Days / 1 Nights