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Puget Sound Tours

When you think about “chilling out,” paddling a sea kayak through misty Pacific Northwest waters where the ocean’s top predators – orcas – make their homes probably isn’t your first thought. But as exciting as that sounds, there’s also something calming about the islands of Puget Sound and the waters that surround them. Exploring emerald coastlines and primeval temperate rain forests that are so close to home is somehow both invigorating and calming; this is just one of the surprises that await you on our Puget Sound Islands tour.

You’ll spend six days on land and at sea, getting to know one of North America’s most spectacular regions. Led by experienced local guides who know the shores and waterways like the backs of their hands, you’ll walk, paddle and ride through the heart of Puget Sound. Ashore, you’ll walk in the shadows of one of the world’s oldest and largest rain forests, explore a stunning botanical garden, stroll through the streets of the beautiful villages of Victoria and Tofino, comb the beaches of Canada's Vancouver Island, and relax in natural hot springs. The waters of Puget Sound offer their own special rewards. For the adventurous, a guided sea kayaking excursion will take you into the hunting territory of orcas. But don’t let their former name — killer whales — fool you. Despite their place at the top of the food chain, these curious giants are more than happy to share the seas with guests, and watching them cruise through the water from your kayak (or from the deck of a larger excursion boat) is an experience you’ll never forget. 

Although you’ll be experiencing nature at its best, you won’t be roughing it – quite the opposite. You’ll be spending your nights in luxury at world-class lodges and hotels, dining on some of the region’s best food. Our San Juan Islands tour offers a truly unique blend of exploration and relaxation. As you watch the harbor seals and bald eagles watching you, you might even think they’re jealous.
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Puget Sound's San Juan Islands


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6 Days, 5 Nights