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What is it like to step into a myth? To explore a country that’s the stuff of legends, whose locales conjure up images of exotic adventure and mystery? Rangoon. Mandalay. Bagan. Forbidden cities in a country that most travelers could, until recently, only dream about. The former name itself - Burma — inexorably linked to the cultural history of Asia; the country itself reborn as Myanmar. A land of lush jungles, green mountains, golden temples and peaceful, secluded villages, Myanmar is welcoming visitors with open arms, its people eager to share their art, culture and cuisine with a lucky few. Classic Journeys is very proud to offer you a Myanmar adventure that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Beginning in Yangon, the city formerly known as Rangoon, you’ll quickly understand that a Classic Journeys trip is more than what most people get from their Myanmar guided tours. You’ll be led by an experienced, friendly local guide, who’ll take you into the heart of this richly fascinating country as the Myanmaris know it. Spending time in the bustling urban areas of Yangon and Mandalay, you’ll be dazzled by the local markets and delight in tasting some of Asia’s most varied and delicious dishes. You’ll marvel at the site of the legendary Mandalay Palace, and you’ll be delighted by Yangon’s mix of ancient and British colonial architecture.

And we weren’t kidding about the adventure part. You’ll venture across ancient teak bridges spanning what seem to be miles of shimmering lakes. You’ll wander through pagodas that are thousands of years old - and are still home to Buddhist monks. You’ll encounter the unexpected - did you know that wine is produced in Myanmar? We use the word “unforgettable” quite a bit at Classic Journeys, but we’re pretty sure that coming face to face with a friendly elephant or soaring over the temples of Bagan in a hot-air balloon are experiences that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

A warning about Myanmar: once you’ve been there, you’ll be profoundly changed for the better. There’s no place on earth quite like it, and there’s no better way to experience it than with Classic Journeys.
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