Latest Travel Updates & Re-book Your Future Travel Credit

COVID-19 Travel Updates

At Classic Journeys we are a family. A family company of dedicated employees, guides, hoteliers, partners, and most importantly you, our guests. While keeping our #1 priority your safety, we all have a passion for travel and the precious world we share. Our 25 years of experience and stability have never been more important. A quarter century of putting you and your fellow guests first. A quarter century of handcrafting trips of a lifetime with our amazingly well-connected local guides. A quarter century of being conservatively run, so that you can depend on us to be here for you in good times and in challenging times. We look forward to exploring the world together with you. When you’re ready to travel, we’re here. We’re ready for you.

Best regards,

Edward Piegza
President and Founder

What if my trip is postponed?

  • If your trip is postponed, 100% of the funds paid will be available for your rescheduled tour, or to move to a new tour, or credited to your account to use for future travel with Classic Journeys without expiry

What if my trip is planned to run as scheduled?

Count on your team at Classic Journeys to provide you with increased flexibility, so that you can have the time and information you need to make your best travel decisions. Here are some additional options that you have available as you look forward to your future travels.

Public Departures

  • Transferring from one tour date to another can be done now until 61 days before your departure without penalty for all tours departing through December 2020.
  • For tours departing between June 19-December 31, 2020, final payment will be charged 60 days prior to your departure. Travel restrictions, and health and safety guidelines may result in your final payment being charged closer to departure for selected trip dates.

Private Journeys, Special Editions, & River Cruises

  • Final payment for Private Journeys has been relaxed from 90 days to 60 days before departure for trip dates through August 31, 2020.
  • Special Edition and River Cruise terms and conditions remain the same.

What if I’m thinking about a new reservation?

Choose Your Trip

Go where, how, and with whomever you want. Join one of our boutique group departures or a private trip just for you, your family, or your friends. With six ways to travel (Culture + Walking, Multisport, Family, Culinary, River Cruise, Special Edition), let your interests guide you as you choose your trip from over 100 regions in 50 countries on six continents.

Have Specific Travel Dates?

Choose from hundreds of available dates. Don’t see a published departure when you want to travel? Give us a call to talk with us about adding an additional public departure during your preferred dates. (Of course, you can opt for a Private Journey also.) Your fellow travelers are reserving from summer 2020 through year-end 2023. So, whether you are looking for a last-minute getaway, you like to plan ahead, or you want to take advantage of special offers and lock in your tour price now, give your Travel Experience Team a call at 800-200-3887.

Risk-Free Reservation 

Reserve your tour with confidence, knowing that if your plans change or you change your mind, you can transfer 100% of your deposit from one tour to another until 75 days prior to departure of the original trip. And if you do not know then what other trip you want to select, rest easy knowing that your deposit will never expire. We’ll have it waiting for you to apply to whatever tour you choose, whenever the time is right for your next vacation. (Once final payment is charged, the standard cancellation policy applies. Click here to read our terms and conditions. This offer does not apply to Private Journeys, Special Edition, or River Cruises.)


Given this ever-evolving situation we all find ourselves in, please understand that Classic Journeys reserves the right to update or change these policies without prior notice to keep up with the current dynamic state of affairs.

What can I expect when traveling during the "New Normal"?

You’ve already taken the right step by choosing Classic Journeys. With our headquarters in California, we follow the California Responsible Travel Code, which focuses on respect as the key to keeping each other safe, as well as all of our world's precious and fragile beauty, today and tomorrow. With that, we use RESPECT as our guiding principles for how we travel.


R - Roam responsibly

E - Educate yourself

S - Safety is at the heart of everything we do

P - Preserve

E - Embrace community

C - Celebrate culture

T - Teach and lead by example 


Classic Journeys is an active member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), the leading industry group in the adventure travel industry. With the ATTA, our member tour operators, our local guides and hoteliers, infectious disease experts, the CDC, WHO and local governments, our global community created a consensus on health and safety guidelines for adventure activities. We actively follow these guidelines for healthy and safe practices for our guests and all members of the extended Classic Journeys community worldwide.

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Small, Local, Well-Connected Mean More Than Ever

We’re the best at small group travel and have been so for 25 years. And in a time period when you are probably looking for a genuinely small group experience, our average group size of just eight guests is truly the most boutique in the industry.


Many companies tell you that they are well-connected and then they hand off the operations of your trip to another company they pay to operate your vacation. That’s one way to operate a tour company, certainly, but it’s not the way we like to travel. Our tour leaders are LOCAL to the countries and places where they guide our trips. That means that you travel with real, well-connected friends when you travel with Classic Journeys.


Like you, we love hotels that are small boutique properties that are owned and operated by people we know personally and talk to frequently about your enjoyment on tour. What this means for you is that you are always interacting with the decision-makers, both when you are speaking with our team in La Jolla and on tour with our guides and hoteliers.

Before You Depart On Your Vacation 

  • You have your own Guest Experience Specialist dedicated just for you to answer your questions, make sure you’re prepared, and to keep you informed leading up to your vacation.
  • If you’re traveling abroad, an easy to follow checklist of what is needed to enter the country.
  • Your updated packing list will remind you to bring your mask, bandana, and other items you’ll find helpful to have during your travels.

During Your Trip   

  • The first person you’ll meet to start your trip is your expert local Classic Journeys guide, who has already connected with your Guest Experience Specialist about you and your wish list for your trip. They are truly your local, well-connected friend who knows everyone in the region you’re visiting, including their favorite shop-keepers, restauranteurs, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, artisans and craftsmen.
  • Your own goodie bag complete with hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and more will be provided to you on the first day of your trip. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout your trip from your guide.
  • Every evening, so that each day you start your morning in a fresh clean environment, your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly using products and disinfectants that meet requirements for effectiveness against COVID-19; paying special attention to high-touch surfaces.
  • Between each tour, vehicles are subjected to rigorous cleaning to completely decontaminate them.
  • Countries around the world are requiring a new set of strict guidelines for hotels to follow. Enhanced safety measures include: 
    • Invisible check-in has been a hallmark of our experience on tour in removing your wait during check-in. That becomes even more beneficial now to maintain social distancing
    • New safety training for all staff that complies with current safety guidelines.
    • Cleaning regimen of public spaces throughout the hotel as well as guest rooms and suites.
  • Classic Journeys is known for memorable outdoor picnics and al fresco dining experiences, so expect a number of these during your trip. (Of course, all meals to be prepared by your chefs that are following current safety guidelines.)
  • We’ve never believed in cafeteria dining, buffets or large group tables. Small intimate tables have always been our preference during meals. That will continue and you can expect to have additional options as well.
  • While we know some of the best times when traveling are shared over a meal with new friends, we also want to provide you with increased flexibility when dining. For included meals, tell us before departure if you’d like to eat with the group or at a private table. If you prefer room service, just let us know.
  • When taking breakfast at your hotel, opt for à la carte, or enjoy room service (all included).
  • A limited supply of face coverings will be available on tour. (Of course, all airlines until further notice are requiring face masks to be worn, so you’ll want to bring a supply for yourself.)
  • As regions and countries open their borders, guests may have to provide a negative COVID-19 test, have their temperature taken prior to boarding their flight, and perhaps have a COVID-19 test taken on arrival in country.
  • If you need assistance on tour from a medical professional, you have access through our guides, to their preferred local health care professionals. All of our local guides carry with them a list of physicians and health care professionals, and their contact information throughout every region visited on tour.

Reducing transmission and stopping the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility among us all. Together, we can be responsible travelers while also getting back to making the memories that are so much a part of why we travel.