Our local guides welcome you into their world.

The warm, beating heart of every Classic Journey is your experienced local guide. After all, there is no better way to discover a faraway place than in the company of a well-connected friend. Your guide will be the kind of person whose cousin is the llama-trekker. An insider who knows the opening day of truffle season…and a truffle-hunter who’ll let you tag along. A native who can navigate the maze of the medina in Fes with her eyes closed, because it’s where she and her family live.

Our guides are more than map-readers and agenda-followers.

They are colorful, caring personalities who are unflappable, genuine and as sunny as they are sincere. As your cultural hosts, they are with you full-time—just like a friend should be—to open doors and help you see their word through their eyes.

We empower them to go with the flow.

Our guides have plenty of leeway to personalize your trip on the fly, whether it’s to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity like a one-day festival or an invitation into a private home. Your guide will also be glad to offer ideas that appeal to your special interests. Some trips have two full-time guides, and on any itinerary specialists in anything from birding to wine-tasting to archeology may join you.

Some of our top-rated guides

These are just a few of our tour leaders, many of whom have guided for Classic Journeys for more than a decade…and as long as 20 years!


Yasemin grew up in Ankara and met her husband, Cemil in Istanbul. After enjoying several years in the city, they traveled along the south coast of Turkey to find a place to settle down and ended up in Antalya.



Named the #1 guide in all of Croatia and fluent in seven languages, Livio is part teacher, part kid, and all-around great guy. And he’s just one example of the guides in the Classic Journeys family.

Croatia's Dalmatian Coast


When we initially met Luciano, we were reminded why we hold our guides in such high esteem—he’s fluent in six languages, studied music in Florence and has traveled extensively around the world.

Tuscany & the Cinque Terre


Flaminia is with Sotheby’s in Rome, an expert in Modern and Contemporary Art for international auction house. When she steps away from her profession to guide for Classic Journeys, you can be sure she doesn’t leave it behind.

Tuscany & the Cinque Terre


“Sergio, amico mio!” Sergio practically invented the concept of the “connected local guide”. He’s a native Neapolitan who puts his life into showing off the region he’d never leave.

Amalfi Coast & Capri


A certified Waldorf teacher and has a degree in Southwest Studies. She also has a world-wide background of whale research, geology, and biology.

Bryce, Grand Canyon & Zion


A woman working in a man's world, Saida has been an accomplished guide since 1997. Originally wanting to be a journalist, she graduated with a degree in English Literature. She speaks three languages (English, French and Arabic).

Morocco: Marrakesh, Sahara & Fès


Eric has a degree in Natural History, and his career has included translator, editor, publisher, photographer and guide. Since 1980, he has traveled the globe as a professional guide and photographer.

Bryce, Grand Canyon & Zion


Beny is the kind of naturalist guide you dream of: well informed and fluent in how to transmit his treasure of information to you. In his own words: “As a naturalist guide I have to help people ‘remember’ the other senses that they seldom use."



A naturalist and rafting guide, Kenneth is always prepared. If you visit his friend’s orchard, Kenneth will just happen to have two knives and a pair of gloves on him to carve up a juicy treat for you.

Costa Rica: Arenal & Manuel Antonio Park


A 30-year career with Irish Telecom provided Donal the opportunity to travel extensively through South Kerry. An expert on the people, history, culture and sites of Ireland, Donal spends his spare time playing badminton with his wife.



After a period of extensive traveling in Africa and Asia as a convoy-leader for the F.A.O., Bart chose to live in the Dordogne region because of its natural and cultural richness.

Bordeaux & the Dordogne Valley