Like so many iconic destinations around the world, the temples in Cambodia’s Angkor temple conservation area sometimes come under stress from the sheer numbers of visitors. In April, officials announced that buses carrying more than 24 people would be banned to ease congestion.

That’s going to play havoc with the plans of many visitors. But we’re happy to report that it will not affect Classic Journeys’ Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia vacation for two important reasons.

First, our small-group tours always travel in smaller vehicles. With a maximum group size of 18, we have a smaller impact on the site whenever we travel to Angkor Wat. The bus ban won’t apply to our groups.

The other thing to keep in mind is that as much as we can, we try to avoid rush hour when traveling to Angkor Wat under all circumstances. Our itinerary includes several visits. The first is in the evening, timed to see the complex at sunset. And after a good night’s sleep, we’re back for a pre-breakfast guided visit the following morning; and then back again mid-morning. It’s a great way to see this wonder of the world at its quietest and on your schedule.

Angkor Wat

So our word of warning: If you’re considering a trip to Southeast Asia that includes Cambodia, be sure you ask about the travel arrangements to Angkor Wat so you’re not disappointed.

We agree whole-heartedly that it’s crucial for local authorities to do everything they can to preserve their natural and cultural heritages. We’re happy to do our part by following low-impact travel policies and by carefully limiting the size of our groups in all of the areas we visit around the world.

Our Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia trip includes multiple chances to explore Angkor Wat. This Southeast Asia vacation also includes a night on a luxury junk in Halong Bay, the morning alms ceremony with the Buddhist monks of Luang Prabang, walks and bicycle rides among the fields and rice paddies of the Mekong delta, and much more.