Peeking out into the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik offers an enchanting glimpse into the past with its quaint streets and perfectly preserved limestone buildings. Split, the other end of our journey, will delight you with remains of a palace built by the Roman emperor Diocletian. And every stop in between, on the stunning Dalmatian Coast, is sure to captivate you with sweeping vistas, lush countryside and good-natured, cheery locals.


Our base for three days, Dubrovnik presents a legion of activities and sights. You will walk the walls of the city, which offer magnificent views; peruse the charming shops and cafés; and taste local favorite dishes, such as creamy risotto or sautéed squid.

Street in Croatia

On our walking tour, we explore the countryside near Cavtat, where you’ll have glimpses of the Adriatic through cypress and olive trees lining the footpath. The lack of tourists here ensures a serene sojourn through the meadows where shepherds tend to their flocks.

Hop a ferry and cruise through the crystalline waters to Koločep, where you’ll discover beautiful rock beaches, botanical gardens and wandering peacocks.

Farther north, on the Pelješac peninsula, immerse yourself in the Dalmatian Coast’s answer to Napa Valley. Wineries, like that of our friends Maria and Teo, produce excellent red, white and dessert wines waiting for you to savor.

Winery in Croatia

Tempt your senses on a stroll outside of Hvar. Meander through lavender fields and olive groves to the nearby village of Dol. A café overlooking the town square offers you the chance to replenish before heading to a working olive mill, where you’ll sample fresh olive oil and locally made crusty bread. On a visit to a local agriturismo, try local specialties such as smoked fish and goat carpaccio.

We round out this memorable trip exploring the palace in the heart of Split, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The remains of this royal residence, built between the 3rd and 4th centuries, are found scattered throughout the town.

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