We move at the pace of local life to better connect with a world of amazing cultural experiences.


If you’re like us, you think of travel as more than “going places.” When you strike out, it’s because you crave experience and discovery, not just monuments and museums. You want to understand what’s behind the touristic façade that most people never penetrate. You travel because, for at least a few days every year, you want to step outside of your life. That’s what our signature Cultural Walking Adventures are all about.


To us, walking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in local culture. When you’re on foot, the world can’t slide past you faster than you can absorb it. You’ll have time—and proximity—to smell the apricot blossoms or feel the rumble of a glacier through the soles of your shoes. On our walks, you encounter rainforest tribespeople you never would have met and cottage gardens you never would have seen; you experience the tempo of a Mediterranean village in the hour before sunset in a way you never would have noticed if you breezed through in a vehicle.

Woman with arms out in Greece

Don’t worry, “walking tour” doesn’t mean you’ll hike, trek or hoof it from inn to inn—only that you’ll spend part of each morning and/or afternoon with your feet on the ground getting up close to the region’s culture and natural history. That usually adds up to two or more optional daily walks. On tour, our local guides will describe walks before they occur; in regions where more strenuous walks are possible, they may be offered as alternatives. When possible, our vehicle is nearby in case you have a change of heart. The outings might include a village tour, a seaside stroll or a local guide’s favorite path through an oasis, vineyard or red rock canyon. Because we average just 10 guests in each group, our footprint is small. We can take our time and blend in to the world around us.

Where would you like to go? 75 domestic and international walking tours.