You can still samba on the sidewalks of Cienfuegos. You can still show your family what it’s like to live on a salary of $32 a month. You can still cool off with a daiquiri at Hemingway’s favorite bar. Maybe you’ve heard that travel to Cuba is a thing of the past since the Trump administration announced new rules in September. No more cruises! (True.) No more self-directed travel! (True.) No more people-to-people trips of the kind handcrafted by Classic Journeys! (Wait … that one is false. Read on to see why.)

Ride around in classic tail-finned cars.

You can travel legally on any Classic Journeys trips to Cuba. You can cruise the streets of Havana in classic tail-finned cars. You can talk with cigar-rollers and artists and schoolchildren in their classrooms.

Our fingers are crossed for our friends in Cuba. We’ve made so many wonderful friends in our years of travel, and we’ve seen the lives of the Cuban people change for the better. There’s no denying that we are concerned about how the new regulations will impact their prosperity and general welfare. For instance, the new rules will cap remittances – the money that can be sent to Cubans from friends and family members in the U.S. – at $1,000 per person every three months. In a country where the median monthly salary is just $32, you can only imagine how that reduction will impact everyday life. In addition, travel had become a major source of income for Cubans, as well, so turning off the flow of visitors will echo throughout the country.

Man adjusting his string instrument in Cuba.

The Cubans have been through so much in the last 60 years. They’ve always managed to bear their hardships with grace in their families and communities. We are approaching Cuba as we always have – with care, enthusiasm, and with pride in the fact that legal travel for Americans to Cuba has changed the lives of our guests and the everyday local Cubans they’ve met.

You can still travel to Cuba legally with Classic Journeys, and we hope that you will. We like to think of this way of travel as an informal version of “Voice of America”… a way to communicate a positive story of the American people to local Cuban people. If you’ve been thinking about a Cuba trip, don’t wait – make a reservation!