From trend-busting Iceland to eternally amazing Amalfi, our hand-picked Top 10 travel destinations for 2017 comes from the best crowd-source of all: our daily chats with avid travelers like you. Launch your 2017 vacation here. And let us know which of our 85 destinations deserves a spot on next year’s list.


Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tug at travelers who crave the exotic and love to immerse themselves in culture and history. Add in some of the world’s best hotels and remarkable food, and it is no wonder Indochina makes the list.




How swell is it that these three amazing National Parks are practically neighbors? You don’t have to cross an ocean to feel your jaw drop at the red rock beauty, walk in slot canyons, go river tubing, and soak up a Grand Canyon sunset.

slot canyon



Blarney plus beauty equals Irish charm. Even if so many Americans didn’t have close family ties to Ireland, it would make the list. We love its people, its luxe country hotels, and its peat-cutters and shepherds. (The pubs don’t hurt either!)

Sheep grazing in Ireland



Under the radar and over the top, Nova Scotia is happening this year because it’s near but feels very far away. Spectacular maritime scenery. Some of North America’s oldest towns. Awesome tides, huge whales and the very definition of quaint.

Whale fin



The buzz about Portugal is how easy it is to have a unique and complete cultural experience in Europe’s sunniest country. There are the port vineyards of the Douro Valley. Dramatic Atlantic beaches. The fab cities of Lisbon and Porto.

Duoro River



Machu Picchu is Peru’s marquee site. (Our cultural and multisport family trips all spend part of three days there.) But other stars shine bright too: world-class cuisine, South America’s best hotels, and the cordial Quechua people.

Machu Picchu



Cuba is still the most talked-about, brag-worthy place we know; from Havana to the Viñales Valley and the Bay of Pigs. To see Cuban life, to meet cigar rollers, farmers, classic car fanatics and others is unforgettable. Trips sell out fast. Reserve early!

Cuban with horse



Since Augustus built a palace on Capri, Italy’s Amalfi Coast has been a magnet for lovers of matchless scenery and sweet weather. Sip some limoncello, waken to a view of Positano, wander Pompeii, and you’ll see why its popularity never wanes.




Closer than you think…more other-worldly than you can imagine, Iceland is having it’s moment. Blame it on the mix of glaciers and lava flows, puffins and whales, ancient history and hip culture. Iceland is the island of the year.

Iceland glacier



Baby sea lions. Giant tortoises. Snow-white beaches. Volcanoes. All of the above are the lure of the Galápagos. Guests on our island-based trips stay in luxury boutique hotels instead of cramped cruise ship cabins. Even better, you can add a visit to the Andean highlands in mainland Ecuador.

Sea lions in the Galapagos