I was in Hoi An, Vietnam last week, and had the opportunity to pop into some of the famed tailors. It’s really remarkable what they can do in a day or two with your cloth of choice. I watched as a friend had a favorite jacket from Henri Bendel custom made at a fraction of the cost, with amazing craftsmanship.

And then it struck me how bespoke suits and Classic Journeys’ trips have quite a bit in common.

How so, you ask?

I’ll use our guest, Donna Larson, as an example. She and her husband, John, have traveled with us several times, including to Tuscany and Peru & Machu Picchu. Each time they travel, they’ve joined Classic Journeys on regularly scheduled tours. As she says, “We love the combination of culture and walking, the local knowledge and personalities of the guides, and the companionship of interesting fellow travelers.”

With their upcoming trip to Southern Spain’s Andalucia region in June, they once again chose a scheduled departure date from our calendar of 68 regions in 31 countries on 5 continents. And for the second time, they’re bringing along their adult daughters, ages 20 and 23.

And this is where the bespoke nature of our scheduled trips has allowed them to handcraft the vacation of their choosing without having to pay for a private trip. Back to Donna, “Our girls wanted to see Andalucia too, and like a lot of what Classic Journeys does on the trips, including the wine and olive oil tastings, seeing craftsmen, and staying at gorgeous hotels. But they also wanted some adrenaline-pumping activities that just don’t interest mom and dad.”

The solution?

Like any good tailor who creates a unique pattern on you to start the process, then offers fabric, lapel and button options, our Guest Services Coordinator for Southern Spain, Jennifer Cooper, started with our Andalucia itinerary. Then she took the girls’ wish list of activities, met up with her Tour Operations colleagues and our head guide in country, Ricardo, and circled back to Donna with a complete can-do list of activities.

White Village in Spain

So while the girls have the fabric of our June 5 Andalucia trip to enjoy all week, they’ve also been able to create their own bespoke adventure in which one morning they’ll skip a town visit in favor of mountain biking with a local guide. Another day, they’ll extend one of our walks into a longer and more strenuous hike. And one afternoon, they’ll even use some scheduled free time to break away to bungee jump into a scenic gorge!

Want to see if we can bespoke one of our regularly scheduled trips for you? From Amalfi to Argentina, and Peru to Prague the Classic Journeys’ team is expert at fitting our daily itineraries to your interests. Of course, if you’d like a trip all to yourself, we’re happy to oblige in going all out with a private journey that departs on the day of your choosing; just you and your wish list of traveling companions for the full bespoke experience.

Start your tailoring by downloading any of our trip itineraries at www.classicjourneys.com/dates/, by emailing our Guest Services team at moreinfo@classicjourneys.com or by phoning at 1-800-200-3887.