Reading a magazine recently, I was startled by an ad for the plumbing company, Kohler. You’ve probably seen the series. The ads are titled “As I see it” and show models in otherworldly settings created using Kohler bathtubs and showers.

This one really caught my attention. A model is lying in her Kohler Escale bathtub, floating on a bamboo raft down the Li River in China. Majestic karstic mountains erupt out of the water as she is transported beyond her daily life in midtown Manhattan or somewhere like that.

Maybe not a bad way to escape for an hour or so. Of course, you could accomplish that and more (minus the fancy porcelain) if you join Classic Journeys on our China adventure tour. You can see a photo from our cultural walking tour below. Save for the bathtub, the photos look remarkably similar.

Li River

On our China small group tour, we join the local cormorant fishermen on bamboo rafts in Guilin as they float down the Li River, cruising in that landscape of “dragon’s teeth” mountains to quaint Yangshuo. Along the way, we have the chance to practice Tai Chi with a master…lunch with a local family…and bike or walk into the lush, level farmlands. We’ll also take you to the least touristed section of the Great Wall, and for a special visit to the terra cotta warriors in Xian.

This Classic Journeys walking tour will take you to Shangri La, far beyond where any bathtub could hope to float. It’s the Tibetan plateau that inspired the James Hilton novel and where we walk through meadows, meet the ethnic Tibetan and Naxi peoples, and make a pilgrimage to the local monastery. (Keeping the bathtub theme alive, our spa resort in Zhongdian offers deep soaking tubs. Take that, Kohler.)

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