What law says your suitcase has to go into cold storage as the New Year nears? Without a conscious thought, it’s easy to shift into autopilot and think: “I’ll fasten my seat belt, make the best of the holidays, and get back to living my best life … later.” To which we can only ask what are you waiting for? Yes, you could attend another countdown party on December 31. You can stay home and watch Ryan Seacrest. Or … you can walk through the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu or swim with the sea lions in the Galápagos or make gnocchi in a Tuscan farmhouse kitchen.

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Instead of wondering where the year went, let’s get purposeful. Why not figure out how to change your bucket list from unattainable to attainable and, in the process, how to end 2018 in high style.
You can absolutely make it happen. Your friends at Classic Journeys have done all of the legwork to arrange soul-satisfying vacations on and around the year-end holidays. Those weeks are a stellar time to get away from it all. ‘Tis the season when schools shut down and many businesses shift into idle. And it’s one of the few times of the year when you can get the whole family together. So it’s especially easy to pull off a family vacation in this timeframe. A lot of our guests look at a year-end trip as the gift that keeps on giving – a fantastic investment that beats spending your good money on stuff that is often forgotten, even before you turn the page on the new year.
So break the mold. Defy convention and do what makes you happiest. Indulge yourself in shortening your bucket list. Let the end of 2018 be the start of a personal travel tradition that will be good for your heart and mind.

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My unused earned vacation time won’t carry over.
I’m tired of sitting at home on New Year’s Eve watching the Times Square ball drop in my pajamas.
It’s summer in Peru and the Galápagos.

I can almost have Tuscany to myself.

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Get me out of here!
It will be warmer in Central America than it will be at home.
After a year like this, I deserve a vacation.

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I want to kiss the fuss and clutter of the holiday season good-bye.
The people I want to travel with all have free time.
I’d rather give experiences instead of stuff.

River rafting in Costa Rica

Where should I wind up 2018?
To scout out the best year-end option for you, click here. You’ll see all of the destinations where we offer departures before, during and after the peak holiday season.

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