Add color to your summer with picturesque villages and wildflower meadows

You might be surprised by the variety of activities and amazing sights you’ll experience in Norway. Imagine gliding through the serene blue waters of fjords on a private boat, walking on a glacier and exploring a Viking Ship museum.

Visit remote villages, wander through a 12th-century church perched high above the water, meet fishmongers at a bustling market, ride a funicular to the top of a mountain for a stroll and scenic views.

Norwegian village

Of course, no trip to Norway would be complete without a ride on the famous Flåm Railway — known for being one of the most spectacular train rides in the world. You’ll marvel at the views of snow-capped mountains, rushing waterfalls and sleepy green meadows followed by a boat trip that reveals grazing goats scattered about the countryside farms and seals sunning themselves on rocks at the water’s edge.

At every turn, Norway will surprise you with its hidden gems, sweeping vistas and hardy, hospitable locals. You’ll dine on fresh fish, top off your meal with tart lingonberries and sample a variety of local specialties. Take a chance on a last-minute adventure — join our July trip, you’ll be delighted you did!