On average, almost a third of Classic Journeys’ guests are solo travelers. Not to say that you’ll ever feel alone on our guide-led, small-group trips. Nancy Vobecky is one of those travelers. She’s been to Normandy & Brittany as well as Tuscany & the Cinque Terre with us. And she has her sights on Morocco or Argentina next. Nancy, below in green jacket, shares her experiences here.

Nancy Vobecky in Normandy

I enjoy traveling, especially those times when you can really experience a place rather than being shuffled to a new site every 15 minutes, as with many traditional tours. That’s what initially drew me to Classic Journeys.


Also, other travel companies usually require you to pay double as a solo traveler and still might put you in a room with someone you don’t know. That’s a really wonderful thing that Classic Journeys brings to the solo traveler—you can affordably go to these destinations while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own lodging.

You also get to visit places that you usually wouldn’t on a traditional tour. Whether walking through the countryside on a pilgrim’s path or stopping at a private home or farm to meet someone the guide knows, the overall feeling is like experiencing a place in the company of distant family. It’s a very different impression than you might typically have as a solo traveler.

There were also other solo travelers on my trips, which was nice. I think that’s because Classic Journeys draws like-minded people who are interested in more than just checking off a place to say that they’ve done it. And the best part is, there’s always someone there with the same shared experience who can relate.

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