When we dialed the Sacred Valley in Peru this week, we didn’t know what we’d hear. We love to check in with our guests partway through their Classic Journey for a “how’s it going” call. We caught Tom and Cindy Lawrence (and family) at the end of their fourth day. Their enthusiastic responses to our questions echo our own experiences in Peru. A few highpoints from our high-altitude chat:

First, daughter Brittain, how is Peru?

The trip has been amazing! [That’s her exclamation point.]

And your favorite activities were?

All of them! [For any of you who’ve endeavored to entertain teen-agers on a vacation, ‘nuff said.]

Mom, how’s everybody dealing with the altitude?

On our first night at the Hotel Monasterio, we had extra oxygen pumped into the room to be on the safe side. Lots of people do it, no big deal. We were all feeling fine the next day!

Hotel Monasterio

And Franklin? How—

Franklin! Our guide! He’s fabulous. I can’t say enough good things about him. As it happens, it’s only our family of five on this tour. So we have Franklin all to ourselves. What a luxury.

What’s been the most fun?

Well, river rafting today on the Urubamba River was very cool. Actually, the water was more than cool. But you had wetsuits for us. My son is really excited to visit the local Quechua school tomorrow and hang out with the kids. We also had a great time in the artist’s market yesterday. Brittain had a blast working in the pottery workshop with Pablo, who we learned is a world famous ceramicist.

I know your family has only taken independent trips in the past – no organized group tours. How’s that working for you?

Well, we were wondering how this would compare. And I can tell you right now that we already decided Classic Journeys is the only way to go. We haven’t even gone to Machu Picchu yet, and we’re already thinking maybe we go to the Swiss Alps in the near future. And having Franklin all to ourselves makes us think we want to do a private trip so it’s only us and we get the guide all to ourselves next time, too.

What could we be doing better?

Honestly, everything is wonderful. The food has been excellent. Machu Picchu, here we come! Can you tell we’re all having a fantastic time?

Ceviche in Peru

And that was that. As much time as all of us spend on our cellphones here at home, it’s kind of a treat to ring up somebody who’s having too much fun to talk. As far as we’re concerned, nothing says more about how well a family vacation is going – no matter where you go!

In addition to a variety of adventures you’ll experience, Classic Journeys’ programs in Peru have always provided travellers an opportunity to experience the best in Peruvian cuisine. Read about it here and don’t miss the excellent recipe for sea bass ceviche.

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