• Taj Tashi Hotel Dawn

    In ‘The Last Shangri La,’ This Bhutan Hotel is the Essence of the Himalayas

    <span><span><span><span style="color: black;">Nestled in the high alpine forests of the Himalayas, shrouded in mist from the picturesque Thimphu valley, and overlooking the stunning Wang Chu River, lies the enchanting <a href="http://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/#hotels" target="_blank">Taj Tashi boutique hotel</a></span></span><span>. <span style="color: black;">With its alluring blend of Dzong architecture and modern luxury, Taj Tashi is a delightful retreat from which travelers can explore the fascinating culture, history, traditions, and natural beauty of <a href="http://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan-tours/" target="_blank">Bhutan</a></span><span style="color: black;">.</span></span></span></span><br><br><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Bhutan Tigers Nest" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyFS" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">A region brimming with fascinating mythology, stunning seclusion and a unique culture stemming from an ancient empire, there’s no question why the Kingdom of Bhutan is referred to as “The Last Shangri La on Earth.” That fact alone is a compelling reason why the region is making the top of travelers’ bucket lists. But that the official measure of the country’s well-being is Gross National Happiness only adds to its draw.</span></span></span></span><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">On our <a href="http://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank">Bhutan walking tour</a></span></span><span><span style="color: black;">, you’ll have the chance to experience the destination over seven activity-filled days, with multiple luxurious nights spent at the exceptional Taj Tashi. Boasting 66 guest rooms, two dining spaces, a tea lounge, a bar, and a five-star spa, all situated amidst the pristine natural setting of the Himalayas, the boutique Bhutan hotel serves as a spellbinding gateway into the region.</span></span></span></span><br><br><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Bhutan prayer flags" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyFX" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">With unique features like hand-painted Buddhist murals, luxurious marble bathrooms with heated floors, and sweeping views of verdant mountains, you’ll enjoy the utmost comfort in traditional Bhutanese style in your guest suite. </span></span></span></span><br><br><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Deluxe room at Taj Tashi" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyFc" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">Each space at Taj Tashi seeks to capture the essence of Bhutan, with each of its restaurants, tea lounge, and bar designed to reflect a different part of the vibrant Mahayana Buddhist culture. </span></span></span></span><br><br><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Outdoor bonfire at Taj Tashi" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyFh" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">For example, you can enjoy a cocktail at bar Ara, which takes its theme from the dramneyn, a Himalayan folk music instrument. Or, sip traditional and distinctive ‘salted butter tea’ at the tea lounge and relish fiery Bhutanese fare at The Thongsel restaurant, which sits adjacent to beautiful fountains, tapestries, prayer wheels and lush mountains. </span></span></span></span><br><br><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Taj Tashi tea momos" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyFr" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">You may seek some solitude and relaxation after your daily itinerary takes you to a 15th-century monastery or to a local school to learn how embroidery, woodcarving, and other arts and crafts preserve the country’s heritage. Cue: Jiva Spa. Nowhere else is there a more appropriate setting for an indulgent spa experience than within the otherworldly calm of the Himalayas. </span></span></span></span><br><br><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Taj Tashi spa" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyFw" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a><br><br><span><span><span><span style="color: black;">Enjoy a range of holistic treatments, from Indian massage therapies to a traditional Bhutanese Bath. This one-of-a-kind bath ritual heats local river stones to a fire-hot temperature, which are then dropped into herb-infused bathwater. The impact causes the stones to burst and release essential minerals that, combined with the local herb Khempa, work magic on sore muscles and joints. </span></span></span></span><br><br><span><span><span>Your glamorous setting is further elevated by Bhutan’s legendary hospitality. Not only will you be ensconced in natural beauty and luxurious comfort at your Bhutan hotel, but you’ll be welcomed warmly by our local guide, introduced to friendly farmers, woodcarvers, yah-herders, and mask dancers throughout your <a href="http://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan-tours/" target="_blank">Bhutan tour</a>, and immersed completely in the serene Buddhist culture of this paradise on Earth. </span></span></span><br><br><span><span><span><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/bhutan/" target="_blank"><img alt="Bhutan masked dancers" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KvGS&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qyG1" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img></a></span></span></span><br><br><span><span><b><span>To book your tour and stay at Taj Tashi Bhutan hotel, <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/reservations/" target="_blank">make a reservation</a> online or call 833.387.1210.</span></b></span></span>

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  • Happy Endings Year End Trips

    9 End of Year Trip Ideas

    <p>“The first time we snuck away for a vacation in the last week of December, we felt a little guilty,” admits Kristina D. “I can’t tell you how fast we got over it!”</p> <p>For many travelers, an <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/dates/none/December/none/none/" target="_blank">end of year trip</a> is a counter-intuitive idea. After all, the kids are out of school and work is slow so it’s one of those rare times when everybody can be at home together. It’s the season when you should be enjoying the people you love. Better to be resting up to hit the ground running when the holidays end, right? Traveling–anywhere but to a family gathering–is, well, maybe a little self-indulgent.</p> <p>But did you notice? Each and every one of those reasons for being at home is an even better reason for getting out of Dodge. Lighter everyday schedules make it easier to coordinate travel. Can you picture a better way to spend time with the people you love (and to keep them from being bored) than by making memories together as you swim with sea lions in the <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/galapagos-tours/" target="_blank">Galápagos</a> or watch the stars from a luxury encampment in the <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/morocco-tours/" target="_blank">Moroccan desert</a>? Fresh off a glacier hike in <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/iceland-tours/" target="_blank">Iceland</a> or snorkeling in <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/costa-rica-tours/" target="_blank">Costa Rica</a>, you’ll be plenty amped up to launch 2020. And if you don’t indulge yourself, who will? The added bonus: The world of memories you create on a year-end vacation will stay a lot shinier a lot longer than the stuff-of-the-moment that other people unwrap.</p> <p>Read on, and you’ll notice that a year-end <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/our-difference/" target="_blank">Classic Journeys vacation</a> is about something considerably different from a few days on a sunny beach. Like every departure, these handcrafted year-end adventures include our expert, award-winning local guides, 5-star luxury accommodations, and a fantastic variety of cultural or multisport activities that will make you the envy of everybody back home.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/galapagos-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-blue-footed-boobies.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwFu"></img></a></p> <p><b>The Year of the Blue-Footed Booby</b></p> <p>When last we looked, none of the <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/galapagos-tours/" target="_blank">Galápagos</a> Big 5 show up on the Chinese lunar calendar. But rest assured that this will be your year of the blue-footed booby, giant land tortoise, sea lion, iguana and penguin on your island-based trip led by the best naturalist guides. From luxury boutique hotels, you get to explore the islands like no cruise-ship passenger can. It’s why AFAR Magazine named it the “Best Wildlife Experience in the World.”</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/christmas-markets-prague-vienna-budapest-tour/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-christmas-market.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwFz"></img></a></p> <p><b>The Most Christmas-y Christmas</b></p> <p>Do you start thinking about your decorations before Halloween? You are Christmas Market material! Starting in mid-December, the legendary markets of <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/christmas-markets-prague-vienna-budapest-tour/" target="_blank">Prague, Vienna and Budapest</a> are a holiday lover’s dream. Market squares full of traditional crafts, local music and seasonal treats will forever change how you view and celebrate Christmas.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/iceland-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-iceland.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwG4"></img></a></p> <p><b>Iceland At Its Coolest</b></p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/iceland-tours/" target="_blank">Iceland</a> in December? Absolutely! With the right equipment (which our gear valet can make turnkey for you), you will experience the island as few outsiders ever do. The volcanoes, the waterfalls, the Icelandic horses, the glaciers and the fine, perfectly located hotels. ‘Tis the season to discover what it is to be an Icelander in the company of guides descended from 9th century Vikings.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/south-africa-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-south-africa-cape-winelands.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwG9"></img></a></p> <p><b>Summery South Africa</b></p> <p>The start of <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/south-africa-tours/" target="_blank">South Africa’s</a> summer is prime time for a visit. Of course, you have generous days of safari at a luxury encampment on a private game preserve. Beforehand, there are sunny days in Capetown and at the Cape of Good Hope…not to mention vineyard walks in the scenic Cape Winelands with a fine local bottle to celebrate the arrival of 2020.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/amalfi-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-amalfi-coast.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwGE"></img></a></p> <p><b>New Year’s Eve in Sorrento</b></p> <p>You might as well plan now to do a little bragging. This Special Edition <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/amalfi-tours/" target="_blank">Amalfi Coast</a> departure includes Capri, Positano and Pompeii. It’s the season when the tourists cede the region to the real aficionados…like you. You have all the romance of the remarkable seascapes, a chance to make pizza and taste wine in a private clifftop home, and plenty more to celebrate.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/costa-rica-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-costa-rica-monkey.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwGJ"></img></a></p> <p><b>Casual in Costa Rica</b></p> <p>Back home, everybody’s racing to parties and fighting the retail crowds. You, however, are standing in a cloud of butterflies. Or maybe that’s you spotting howler monkeys in a rainforest. Or whitewater rafting on a jungle river. Ever bask in a thermal pool heated by the volcano next door? You will this year as you ring out 2019 on an active <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/costa-rica-tours/" target="_blank">eco-vacation</a> full of beauty and surprises.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/morocco-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-morocco-camel-guide.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwGT"></img></a></p> <p><b>Your Moroccan Moment</b></p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/morocco-tours/" target="_blank">Morocco</a> is easily close enough for an end-of-year visit. The Essaouira to Marrakesh trip reveals it all in just six curated days. Or opt for the nine-day Fes to Marrakesh itinerary. Either way, you’ll spend a luxurious night in a desert encampment, ride camels, visit a bustling medina, and meet wonderfully hospitable villagers. Exotic Morocco fulfills your resolution to understand the world a little better.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/indochina-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-indochina-junk.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwGi"></img></a></p> <p><b>Indescribable Indochina</b></p> <p>Take plenty of photos because words may fail you when you try to describe your trip to <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/indochina-tours/" target="_blank">Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia</a>. From Hanoi to Angkor Wat, the night market of Luang Prabang to the deck of a luxury junk in Halong Bay, the rich cultures of these neighboring lands offer a wonderful jolt to your senses, a fine way to reset yourself for the year ahead.</p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/india-tours/" target="_blank"><img alt="Happy-endings-india-taj-mahal.jpg" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KsBi&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qwGn"></img></a></p> <p><b>New Beginning in India</b></p> <p><a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/india-tours/" target="_blank">India</a> will change you in ways that will broaden your perspective in 2020. Of course, you’ll see the Taj Mahal and explore Delhi. But the exceptional delights of this adventure come from country walks where you meet shepherds and are welcomed into village homes. The markets of Udaipur and Jaipur open your eyes to a world you’ve never seen. This is travel at its transformative best.</p>

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  • Go to Cuba legally

    Go to Cuba Legally. But Go Now!

    You can still samba on the sidewalks of Cienfuegos. You can still show your family what it’s like to live on a salary of $32 a month. You can still cool off with a daiquiri at Hemingway’s favorite bar. Maybe you’ve heard that <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/cuba/" target="_blank">travel to Cuba</a> is a thing of the past since the Trump administration announced <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/blog/latest-cuba-travel-restrictions/" target="_blank">new rules in September</a>. No more cruises! (True.) No more self-directed travel! (True.) No more people-to-people trips of the kind handcrafted by Classic Journeys! (Wait … that one is false. Read on to see why.)<br><br><img alt="Ride around in classic tail-finned cars." src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KoQk&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qtqI" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img><br><br>You can travel legally on any Classic Journeys trips to <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba</a>. You can cruise the streets of Havana in classic tail-finned cars. You can talk with cigar-rollers and artists and schoolchildren in their classrooms.<br><br>Our fingers are crossed for our friends in <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/cuba/" target="_blank">Cuba</a>. We’ve made so many wonderful friends in our years of travel, and we’ve seen the lives of the Cuban people change for the better. There’s no denying that we are concerned about how the new regulations will impact their prosperity and general welfare. For instance, the new rules will cap remittances – the money that can be sent to Cubans from friends and family members in the U.S. – at $1,000 per person every three months. In a country where the median monthly salary is just $32, you can only imagine how that reduction will impact everyday life. In addition, travel had become a major source of income for Cubans, as well, so turning off the flow of visitors will echo throughout the country.<br><br><img alt="Man adjusting his string instrument in Cuba." src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=a2Y1T000002KoQk&amp;feoid=00N50000008QRzC&amp;refid=0EM1T000000qtsY" style="height: 355px; width: 500px;"></img><br><br>The Cubans have been through so much in the last 60 years. They’ve always managed to bear their hardships with grace in their families and communities. We are approaching Cuba as we always have – with care, enthusiasm, and with pride in the fact that legal travel for Americans to Cuba has changed the lives of our guests and the everyday local Cubans they’ve met.<br><br>You can still <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/cuba/" target="_blank">travel to Cuba</a> legally with Classic Journeys, and we hope that you will. We like to think of this way of travel as an informal version of “Voice of America”… a way to communicate a positive story of the American people to local Cuban people. If you’ve been thinking about a Cuba trip, don’t wait - <a href="https://www.classicjourneys.com/reservations/" target="_blank">make a reservation</a>!

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