My recent birthday has me more focused than usual on age statistics. One that caught my eye has to do with Baby Boomer adventure travel.

More than four million Boomers will turn 65 this year…and every year thereafter until 2029.

I shared that number with an editor who asked if I thought there’d be a massive downshift in adventure travel as a result. Not so, says a recent survey by Ypartnership of 2,500 adult travelers.  Unlike their parents’ generation, these sixty-something Boomers definitely do not consider themselves over the hill, and they’re no more likely to dial down the adventure than travelers half their age.

Not surprisingly, at Classic Journeys 50% of our guests are 60 or older.  In my conversations with them on the telephone and on our walking tours, their thirst for adventure is alive and well. And, as Travel Weekly aptly observes, they’re actively looking to “heap more esoteric knowledge onto the stockpile of what they already know.”

For this group, sight-doing – combining easy-going walks with daily cultural discoveries — clearly trumps sight-seeing.  They’re seeking the total vacation package: enlightening doses of history, geography, art and architecture, coupled with in-the-moment connections that only occur among small groups of like-minded travelers. Their siren song?  The untrampled, less-touristed countryside and the down-to-earth local residents they meet along the way.

Group walking in Tuscany

Take Tom and Anne Barker of New York, currently planning their seventh walking trip with Classic Journeys.  In the past five years, they’ve literally criss-crossed the globe with a tour of India, a Tuscany walking tour in Italy, a New Zealand adventure tour, a walking vacation in Ireland, a Morocco adventure tour and an African walking safari in Zambia.

As Tom says, “We often do some global volunteer work first, then a Classic Journey, saving the best for last. Their level of luxury, fine dining and activity in small groups is what we love the most.”

Any possibility of the Barkers slowing down the pace?  Not likely.  Our walking tour of Sardinia and Corsica is next up on their packed agenda…with a whole new round of rustic countryside, ancient ruins, vineyards and villages to explore next May.

Multigenerational travel is another trend taking Boomers by storm.  In fact, grandparents, grown children and grandchildren have helped make our Costa Rica family vacation not only the single most popular family adventure tour, but the most popular adventure tour in our portfolio of 68 adventure travel destinations in 31 countries on 5 continents.  Countless Boomer grandparents like the Inselmanns of Texas, who recently enjoyed a week of nature hikes, whitewater rafting, volcano spotting, and ziplining through the cloud forest canopy on our Costa Rica family vacation, have discovered a whole new meaning to quality time with the grandkids.

Whitewater rafting

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