My favorite part of managing tour operations is the stories our guests bring back from their vacations. After Marla Patterson returned to Connecticut from her recent Classic Journeys vacation to Morocco, she had such fun and worthwhile observations and experiences to share that I wanted to pass them along, in her own words.-– Jennifer DeMaio, Tour Operations Manager

Everything in Morocco was WAY more than we expected, the depth of our trip was WAY more than I originally planned, and our wonderful guides were fabulous!

Saida is a saint, an international diplomat, and a lovely soul. I am not sure how one woman does what she does all at the same time: relax her guests, get us all on the bus and where we need to be on time, educate us on Moroccan culture with heartfelt love of her country, laugh and relax with us at all the right times, adjust a menu to fit someone’s special request, allow us quiet snooze-time on the bus from exhaustion just when we needed to. The list just goes on.

Jalil and his sweet ways always made me feel safe and, in fact, he covered my back more than once when taking photos or just doing something we silly Americans have a tendency to do at times. He gently coached us to look deeper into his religion, his country and his beloved Fez. Jalil showed us his love for the village children that we encountered almost every day.

Jalil and Saida

At the beginning of our medina adventures, I told both Saida and Jalil that I was in search of a Moroccan copper and brass water kettle. Both of them offered to negotiate on the item when I found it and to wait until we reached the Marrakesh market for the best choice. Saida did in fact get me a great bargain for a wonderful kettle, which I located and love. My family has traveled to Morocco in the 1960s and the 1980s, and now my sister and I in 2013. I have two older Moroccan olive oil pourers purchased on those earlier trips, and now my 2013 water kettle sits in the middle. My highly decorated Marrakesh spice tagines just add to the fun of my “Moroccan Kitchen in Connecticut.”

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