Did you know that the brain chemistry that works for you at home is even more effective when you’re on vacation? Even mildly energetic activities release endorphins, the natural feel-good “juice” that gives you that euphoric glow after a yoga class or a jog in the park. So why go cold turkey when you travel? Theoretically, you could squeeze in some time at the hotel gym. But who wants to trudge to nowhere on a treadmill when a sea full of Galápagos sea lions or a sapphire lake in the Canadian Rockies is right outside the door?

We created Multisport trips for travelers who really love to participate in the environments they visit. The trips blend lively outdoor activities with stimulating cultural and sightseeing moments. You travel with a full-time local guide who knows everything about everything and who handles all logistics. Stress melts, so you sleep exceptionally well in the luxury inns and hotels. And you never think twice about savoring the amazing meals because, well, your body is still burning calories from the fun you had all day.

Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon

“Do I have to be an athlete?”

Activities on Multisport trips don’t require special athletic skills or ironman stamina. Think zip-lining and whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, sea kayaking and snorkeling in the Galápagos, glacier trekking in Alaska, or horseback riding and climbing a Mayan pyramid in Belize and Guatemala. There are plenty of exciting walks, too, sometimes in jungles or, say, the Canadian Rockies. In all of our Multisport destinations, we have deep connections with the local community of specialized guides and outfitters. Your personal team of experts equip you properly, give you pointers, and assure your comfort and safety. All of their services and all gear are included at no extra cost; unlike the experiences you may have had at resorts or on cruises, our multisport activities add up to fun without over-working your credit card.

Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands

“Who goes on these trips?”

What Multisport fans all share is a happy, let’s-go-for-it attitude. Enthusiasm is the common bond—an irresistible delight in experiencing a place from angles that most travelers never get. You’re likely to be with a mixture of couples, groups of friends, solo travelers and families. Generations don’t matter! Under-35 Millennials love the spontaneity and that the trips don’t require a ton of bandwidth or research. Gen-Xers, whose jobs and kids have forced them into less exotic vacations, like how a Multisport trip puts them back out in the big, wide world. Boomers who’ve had plenty of chances to travel appreciate how the emphasis on activity injects fresh excitement into their vacations. 

Rafting in the Canadian Rockies

“My significant other would rather read by the pool.”

That’s okay. While you do the active thing, we also offer other options. The one who cannot see himself walking on a platform in a rainforest canopy can take a both-feet-on-the-ground stroll (or schedule a massage at the hotel). Ultimately, though, you may be surprised by who’s willing to venture onto a glacier with a fascinating guide. Think of the trip like the travel equivalent of interval training – energetic experiences paired up with relaxing and engaging cultural activities to give you a balanced look at the country you’re visiting. It’s a travel high like no other!

Group photo on a Glacier Walk