At Classic Journeys we pride ourselves on our guides’ ability to change plans spontaneously to take advantage of opportunities that make our adventure travel tours even more enjoyable.

This week offers another example of that in action, as we’ve arranged a remarkable cultural interaction for the 14 guests who are on tour right now as part of our Morocco walking tour.

The guests have just left our private tented encampment in the Saharan Desert near the 1000-foot-high sand dunes of Merzouga. In two days, they’ll cross the High Atlas Mountains and settle in for two nights in Marrakesh.

Berber encampment in Morocco

An already special dinner in Marrakesh becomes even more memorable for Classic Journeys Morocco guests with the addition of a university professor on hand to discuss government and politics.

There, our country manager, Tarik, has arranged for Professor Abdellah Ghazi from Universitaire De Marrakech to join our guests for dinner at a spectacular private mansion called a riad. Professor Ghazi, who is fluent in English, will discuss the political and cultural upheaval taking place elsewhere, as well as the unique steps Morocco is taking to avoid it…and in the process, become a success story for other nations to follow.

While events in the Middle East and North Africa continue to make headlines, Morocco is soaring above the fray in its determination to remain calm and keep the peace.

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