• By: Edward Piegza


  • We recently had the chance to talk about vacation planning with two nine-time Classic Journeys’ guests. They offer us their take on planning the perfect adventure vacation.

    “I didn’t go all the way to New Zealand not to shear that sheep!” laughs the very un-sheepish Anne Barker. “The shepherd showed me how to cradle the ewe. I took the scissors. And away I went.” And so she added another Classic Journeys cultural experience to the turban-tyingdolphin-swimmingrug-weavingelephant-stalking moments they’ve accumulated over nine Classic Journeys.

    On mixing forms of travel…
    “We’re lucky to be able to get away for a few weeks at a time. We divide it up—a week in a volunteer program, a week on our own. But we always try to save the best for last. No matter what else has happened since we left home, we know our Classic Journey will be top-notch and a really good experience.”

    On walking and shooting…
    Tom’s a photographer whose YouTube posts include their camel ride in Morocco and a home bakery in Sardinia. “The nice pace of the walks means I can stop to take my photos without it being an issue for the folks who like to be out in the lead. It’s a nice easy pace—none of that boot-camp attitude we’ve run into on other tours.”

    On the Taj at sunrise…
    “Our hotel was right at the Taj Mahal. We walked from there to watch the sunrise. It’s just hard to imagine that something so beautiful is happening right in front of your eyes. And that we were the lucky people in the nearest hotel.”

    Taj Mahal at sunrise

    On their giddiness about our guides…
    “Your guides take a personal interest in everybody. They’re proactive about talking with us and asking, ‘How are things going?’ They truly feel like friends, just as you say. Luciano was our guide on our Tuscany & Cinque Terre trip. We decided to go to Sardinia & Corsica just so we could spend another week with him.”

    On getting their grandsons started…
    “At the moment, we’re looking at your Family Journey to Panama. We want to take our two grandsons. As much fun as we have every time, we know they’ll go crazy for it. And, okay, we’re pretty interested in the dugout canoe ride to the rainforest village ourselves!”

    About Classic Journeys:
    Classic Journeys offers adventure vacations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Guests enjoy luxury accommodations and gourmet meals that reflect the best of each region, coupled with easy-going walks, daily interactions with locals, and native guides who make countries and cultures come alive. Tours are six to 12 days long. Land-only tour prices range from $2595 to $8895 per person (with discounts for small groups and children traveling with parents). Average tour size is 10, limited to a maximum of 18 guests per departure. Full details and links to itineraries are available at www.classicjourneys.com. To speak with one of our personable and knowledgeable guest services coordinators, email us at blog@classicjourneys.com or call 800-200-3887.


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