Try this strategy to lengthen your vacation… and get twice as much fun for your airfare.
Amalfi or Sicily? The Cotswolds or Cornwall? Portugal or Southern Spain? When you have just one vacation and too many ideas about where you want to spend it, here’s advice you can take to the bank. Instead of either/or, think both. The majority of guests who join us on a typical 7-day/6-night itinerary add a couple of extra days before and after their trip. At that point, you’re close to two weeks, and with two weeks you have time for back-to-back Classic Journeys.
You may have heard, for example, that Sicilians don’t exactly consider themselves Italians. It’s true… and giving yourself the chance to explore the cultures and landscapes of both the Amalfi Coast and Sicily is a real eye-opener. Or what about South America? More travelers than you can count have both Machu Picchu and the Galápagos on their bucket lists. With all there is to see and do in this world, it could well be that two separate trips to the Southern Hemisphere aren’t in your cards. But these two places mesh beautifully if you travel with Classic Journeys. It’s a sure thing that you’ve rarely taken one vacation with so much variety – from swimming with sea lions and tracking giant land tortoises to walking into Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail.
“Won’t I feel like I’m repeating myself?” potential guests often ask. First of all, you can count on us to make sure that never happens! More to the point, even closely related regions offer distinct insights. So, for instance, combining trips along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and in the country’s Istrian Peninsula, lets you take a deep dive into a country where Dubrovnik in the far south could hardly be more different than the Napa-like vineyards and olive groves you encounter in Istria. While Portugal abuts Southern Spain, these two Iberian lands have different food, histories, languages and traditions. It’s so fascinating to see how two different peoples started with such similar natural resources and evolved so distinctively.
There’s an honestly practical side to this tactic, too. First, think airfare. When you invest in just one roundtrip ticket to enjoy to side-by-side itineraries, you get twice as much value from the ticket price. As you probably know, these days you can often book open-jaw flights or even one-way tickets on different airlines without paying a premium. That means there’s no penalty to begin and end your vacation in the same gateway city.
You can also count on Classic Journeys to help you with upfront savings on twinned-up trips. Our special offers assure you of savings of $750 per person when you book regularly scheduled back-to-back vacations with us. So twice the vacation won’t cost you anything like twice as much.

We’ve carefully scheduled departures on these destination pairings to that you can connect them up on a single vacation. When you book any one of these duos on back-to-back dates, we’ll reduce your total trip cost by $1,000 per person!
The Galápagos + Peru & Machu Picchu
The most amazing wildlife experience ever + Peru’s beautiful Andean terrain and Inca treasures
Amalfi Coast + Sicily
Italy’s most elegant coast including Capri + sunny, rustic Sicily from Taormina to the Aeolians
Portugal + Spain
Lisbon, Porto and Douro Valley vineyards + Seville, Granada and whitewashed Moorish villages
Dalmatian Coast + Istrian Peninsula
Croatia’s sunny glamorous coastline + Istria’s foodie paradise (and a visit to Venice)
The Cotswolds + Cornwall
Classic English countryside and Stonehenge + glorious walking on the lush Cornish coast
Tuscany & the Cinque Terre + Sardinia & Corsica
Florence, vineyards and legendary coastal villages + rustic islands and jet-setter ports