We believe the best way to travel, and one of our most important travel tips is: Dive in deep, build relationships with the locals and immerse yourselves in the culture. For us, it’s not only the best way; it’s the only way. And that’s the way we design every Classic Journey.

Caravan in Morocco

It’s also why we love the book, “Tales of a Female Nomad” by Rita Golden Gelman. Her life for the past 25 years has embraced this method of travel whole-heartedly.

In the mid-’80s, nearing 50 years old and the prime of her life, Golden Gelman found herself with her grown children out of the house, facing divorce and not having a clue what was next. Until it dawned on her that she could finally do the kind of traveling she had longed for her entire life. So, she set out on a path that has taken her to places such as Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, the Galápagos Islands and so many more.


Tales of a Female Nomad

The book chronicles 15 years of Golden Gelman’s amazing journey in which she recounts personal experiences, offers travel tips and shares examples of the human condition. It explores the intricate details of her immersion into adopted cultures — building trust with locals until she is eventually invited in to their homes, families and lives.

While you might not be able to do as Golden Gelman did, selling off all your belongings and living the nomadic lifestyle, you can explore exotic lands in a meaningful way that allows you a deeper look into the lives of locals and the chance to expand your friend list beyond wild borders. And we’re happy to be your guide.